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Thinking Small

20 May

At yesterdays art trail, it dawned on me that it would be nice to have smaller pieces to sell along with my usual large monsters. Maybe even things which are more functional too, like key rings and brooches. So today I set myself the challenge of working small.

For me, bigger has always been better. I struggle to paint, draw, or do anything creative on a small scale. I find it easier to express myself when I can feel loose and unconfined. I just don’t get on with fiddley detail. That’s what made the idea of mini monsters seem quite daunting. In the past, even when I’ve tried to work small, my work just grows and grows until it reaches truly monstrous proportions.

Naturely, I procrastinated for a bit as the idea of the task at hand was outside of my comfort zone, with plenty of potential for failure. After a strong coffee and a pep-talk from Mr Monster, I set to work.

I was actually surprised at how fun it was to do something new. First, I set about making a tiny pirate.

So cute! And he fits in the palm of my hand, LOOK!

I presented him to Mr Monster who instantly grabbed him with a cry of “MINE”… I will take that as a compliment. He set me the challenge of making a small version of Alphonso, the monster which I created in his image when we first started seeing each other. And so I scurried back to the craft-room to give it a bash. An hour and a half later, my tiny pirate was joined by Alphonso’s diminutive twin.

He’s still not teeny tiny, but I reckon I managed to get him at least one fifth of the size of his big brother.

Mr Monster is going to take little Alphonso to work to sit on his desk. I think he’ll make a good PA.


A little sneaky preview

7 Feb

Inspired by the comment of a friend, I am setting about the challenge of making the rest of popular zombie musical combo ‘Shuffling Terror’ starting with the guitarist. I wanted to whet your collective appetites with a little sneak preview of the work so far. It is proving to be a complicated project, not least because I have run out of thread (sad face).

Alphonso McSkag

19 Jan

This mean looking beastie is Alphonso McSkag. Lead singer with zombie metal chart-toppers ‘Shuffling Terror’ Contrary to his zombie chums, he isn’t fond of brains. Alphonso has a more sophisticated palate and besides that… he just finds them too squidgy. He has never kissed a girl, or worn lederhosen. While on tour, Alphonso demands his dressing room be equipped with a Wii fit so he can keep trim and avoid that unsightly muffin-top over his skinny, tartan jeans.