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Very Jubilicious

2 Jun

I’m no royalist, but for some reason I get a little bit excited about a bit of patriotic flag-waving and an excuse for some gratuitous Great British eccentricity. For last year’s royal wedding, I got myself terribly over excited, declared a family garden party at my parents house back home complete with some serious bunting, and even made poor Mr Monster wear a union jack bow tie.

It should come as no surprise then, that I’m just a little bit pumped up about the diamond jubilee. These things don’t come along too often, Her Madge has managed 60 years on the throne, whether you support royalty or not, that’s a REALLY long time!

Bristol is starting to look very festive. Apparently we have the most street parties of anywhere outside of London, mostly organised by the residents themselves. GO BRISTOL!! Finger sandwiches and victoria sponge ago-go!

Unfortunately, as Monster HQ is so central, we don’t have any street parties going on near us, so I shall be creating my own private celebration in my craft room. Expect union jacks, knotted hankies, and maybe even a bearskin hat or two. Stay tuned!