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Dedication to the Art

24 Aug

This December I reach one of life’s great milestones… my 30th birthday. I approach this watershed without fear or trepidation, but welcome the wisdom and peace which comes from leaving my 20’s behind. I may be deluded about this and will probably feel no different whatsoever after the sun rises on my thirtieth trip round the sun but in my mind I am going to wake up as some kind of all-knowing Yoda figure, only hopefully with a few less wrinkles.

The question is, how to mark the occasion? Mr Monster and I are planning a little jaunt to Germany for the christmas markets what with us both being massive kids at heart which will be amazing, but I feel I need to do something a little bit more permanent to cement my place amongst the grown-ups.

The answer? All thoughts keep pointing towards a tattoo. I have one little one which I had when I was 18 and really doesn’t mean that much to me but I have been feeling the urge to decorate myself with something more poignant. This led me to do a bit of Googling and I found some amazing designs which other crafty types have adorned themselves with as a symbol of their love and dedication to the creative lifestyle. Food for thought…