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Monsters Ink – Part Two

31 Jan

You may remember before Christmas I gave you a little sneaky peek at the tattoo I had to commemorate my 30th birthday and engagement. It’s a lovely little piece of art, and as it has healed and settled in it has felt more and more like a part of me. Last week I decided to add to it a little bit and now not only do I have a little blue swallow in order to be my ‘something blue’ for my wedding. but I also now have a sister swallow for him, carrying my engagement ring. This means that if, God forbid, anything ever happens to my ring, I will always have it with me. I know, I’m a soppy little thing.

I’m also very pleased to have been included in Mr Monster’s masterpiece of a sleeve. He had a six hour sitting to add to what he had already and has immortalised me and the cats in the form of little hand-prints and kitty paw-prints. Bless!

You can see the rest of his marvellous sleeve on his blog

Monsters Ink!

17 Dec

True to my word, for my 30th birthday I have got myself a little bit of body art to pay homage to my recent engagement, as well as my love of all things craft.

I decided to go for the top of my foot, despite warnings of it being a pretty gnarly place to get tattooed. I wanted it in a place where I could see it, but still hide it at work yet have it on show in my down-time and for the wedding.

I had some basic ideas around the traditional style of tattooing. I loved the idea of a blue swallow, with swallows representing home (in nautical tattoos they represented this as sailors knew when they were close to land if they saw swallows, as they don’t fly far out to sea), choosing blue so as it can be my ‘something blue’ as I walk down the aisle.

For my birthday ‘the kittens’ bought me a session with the artist to have three hearts tattooed to match three which Mr Monster was having as part of his sleeve. I loved this idea but wanted to put my own stamp on it so incorporated the hearts into the design as buttons, as I have a serious button fetish. I included a tape measure as a tip of the hat to my involvement in fabric art and as something for the swallow to carry, inspired in no small part by the dressmaking woodland creatures in films like Cinderella.

I took my ideas to Cornucopia Studios in Taunton where the lovely Phil drew them up into something totally unique and I was dead chuffed with what he came up with.

I’m not going to lie, it hurt…A LOT, but as I loved the design so much, it made it easier to take and I am thrilled with the result.

After about an hour, the outline was done:

craft tattoo outlineTime to colour it in and I’ll admit that during the shading I did hit the wall. I persevered as I was desperate to see it finished and this is how it ended up:

craft tattoo

craft tattooIt’s so pretty and vibrant. It was quite fresh in these photos but now that it is settling, the colour and detail are really starting to show and I love it more every time I look at it. It’s safe to say that I love it!


This Little Piggy….

31 Aug

Mr Monster will Sharpie anything if it stays still for too long!

This Little Piggy

Dedication to the Art

24 Aug

This December I reach one of life’s great milestones… my 30th birthday. I approach this watershed without fear or trepidation, but welcome the wisdom and peace which comes from leaving my 20’s behind. I may be deluded about this and will probably feel no different whatsoever after the sun rises on my thirtieth trip round the sun but in my mind I am going to wake up as some kind of all-knowing Yoda figure, only hopefully with a few less wrinkles.

The question is, how to mark the occasion? Mr Monster and I are planning a little jaunt to Germany for the christmas markets what with us both being massive kids at heart which will be amazing, but I feel I need to do something a little bit more permanent to cement my place amongst the grown-ups.

The answer? All thoughts keep pointing towards a tattoo. I have one little one which I had when I was 18 and really doesn’t mean that much to me but I have been feeling the urge to decorate myself with something more poignant. This led me to do a bit of Googling and I found some amazing designs which other crafty types have adorned themselves with as a symbol of their love and dedication to the creative lifestyle. Food for thought…