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Captain Gaydar

30 Sep

Intent on ridding the world of evil, terror, and crimes against fashion, allow me to introduce ‘Captain Gaydar’.

The Captain is the alter-ego of Dwayne Rumpling. Dwayne’s mum used to tell him that eating a packet of ginger nuts a day would put hairs on his chest and she wasn’t wrong. Big thick ginger hairs to be precise. He ate so many of the damn things that they worked their way into his nervous system resulting in the acquisition of his many superpowers. He can leap buildings in a single bound, read minds, and everything he touches turns into skittles.

In his formative years, Dwayne won several disco dancing competitions and is still world-renowned in disco circles for his interpretation of ‘The Hustle’. He carries his medals tucked inside his spangly superhero Y-fronts and distracts his foes with tales of his escapades at Studio 54.


To Infinity!

23 Sep

Ok, new commision, I am making a superhero. Not just any old superhero, but a deliciously camp superhero. It should be loads of fun but obviously I want to keep it on the side of good taste so have been browsing the web to look for a little inspiration. I have the task of trying to blend this…


… with this…

…wish me luck!