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Queenie – The Love Machine

27 Jan

Oh my GOODNESS what a day it’s been. Fabric fans who have been following my little blog will know of my lust for a Brother Innovis-350 sewing machine, and that today was the day that through the help and support of my nearest and dearest, I was finally to get my mitts on one.

So this morning, after a broken nights sleep from excitement (it’s pathetic I know), I set off on the train to Taunton to go to my beloved Stitch Academy who had ordered the machine in for me to come and collect. When I got there, I got the most lovely surprise. I’d been given an upgrade!

The wonderful ladies at the Stitch Academy helm had ordered me in the Innovis-400 at no extra charge. I couldn’t believe their kindness and am completely over the moon with my new machine who shall hence-forth be known as Queenie. Lets take a few moments to admire her womanly curves shall we?

Brother Innovs-400

Brother Innovs-400

Brother Innovs-400She and I have spent the afternoon together, learning each others quirks and foibles. So far we are getting along just great and I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Now the challenge really begins. I’m pleased as punch that I can start monstering again as there has been a huge creative void in my life since I’ve been without a mechanical friend. BUT…I also need to start improving my dressmaking skills in order that I can tackle The Dress in time for my wedding in October. Fear not, I have a plan. I’m going to be having some one-on-one dressmaking tuition at The Stitch Academy alongside plenty of practice at home. I should have a whole new wardrobe in no time!

I have myself a little challenge to kick the learning process off and to test what I can remember having not really done much dressmaking since my teens. I’ve bought myself a really simple pattern to make an apron, and tomorrow, when I get up, I will be straight into the craft room to give it a bash. I shall consider it my second date with Queenie. I should have something to show you this time tomorrow so stay tuned…

One More Sleep!

26 Jan

Tomorrow is the day I finally get my sexy little minx of a new sewing machine. I first wrote about it on Jan 25th 2011, that’s how long I have been longing for it in all it’s 294-stitching, 7 feed-dogging glory.

It’s been over a month since I have been able to sew, as my trusty old basic machine died during the pre-Christmas frenzy. Strangely, as well as feeling ridiculously excited about the new machine, I’m also slightly nervous. I don’t know if I can remember how to sew, and don’t know if I can live up to the grandeur of this sophisticated piece of machinery. I know it’s silly, but after such a long wait, and from wanting it so SO much, it’s making me a little anxious.

I have the house to myself tomorrow afternoon once I bring it home so I can spend some time bonding with it and I’m sure by the end of the day we will be firm friends. No doubt you will get to hear about the whole process in due course.

Wish me luck!


A Thing of Beauty

8 Jan

I’ve always loved the old, original Singer sewing machines. First designed in the 1850’s by Isaac Merritt Singer, renowned womaniser and father of at least 28 children, who seems to have been a bit of a wheeler-dealer. The Del-boy of his time if you will. Legend has it that he designed his first sewing machine as the result of a bet with his landlord, but went on to revolutionise sewing and essentially set women of the time free.

They are beautiful pieces of machinery and whenever I see one in a shop window I have to stop and admire it. I have been after one for ages and when I mentioned this to a friend she said ‘oh, I’ve got one I don’t ever use, you can have it if you like’. So in return for a little monster for her daughter, she dropped off this little beauty.

It is a magnificent beast and I could seriously sit and turn the handle all day. The engineering is a dream and the action is superb. Mr Monster is going to restore it for me and try to get it to a point where it is something approaching its former glory. We looked up the serial number and discovered that it rolled off the production line in 1909, I was staggered as I had assumed it was somewhere around 1930 by the condition it’s in.

I love antiques, as evidenced by my large antique powder compact collection, and love imagining old things being used by their former owners. I can just see a Victorian lady cranking the handle, making herself a new pair of bloomers. It gets me to thinking about the high-tech, snazzy-pants machines which are available to us now, and yet we’d still rather go to Primark and pick up the same dress a million other people are wearing! I’m a little bit ashamed of myself for not learning to make my own clothes sooner.

Without further ado, here is my new, old, display-piece of a machine in all her glory


7 Jan

There is a little party inside my brain today! Mr Monster and I have had a morning of nothing but amazing news and we couldn’t be happier. Firstly…posting about my sadness surrounding the death of my sewing machine and my struggle to get a new one, I have had several kind offers from friends and family to help my plight. It’s amazing the kindness shown by loved ones when situations like this arrive and I am massively touched and thankful for the gestures which have been made.

I’ve considered my options carefully and have come up with a plan which should mean that at the end of the month I can be bringing home a brand new, shiny, sure to be very loved Brother Innovis 350 from my beloved Stitch Academy, on which I can continue monstering and start brushing up my skills to finally make The Dress. I can not wait!

Secondly…We haven’t sent out invitations for the wedding yet as the numbers aren’t finalised but we did contact a few friends in far flung places to give them plenty of notice to make arrangements. It would seem that a lot of them are planning on making the long and lets face it, expensive journey back to the UK to join us on our special day. Amazing!

And thirdly…Look how cute Tilly is!

A Short (Hopefully) Monster Holiday

6 Jan

You may remember me mentioning the sad demise of my sewing machine and my efforts to secure the machine of my dreams? I really can’t afford the one I need outright, and have looked at cheaper options but they just don’t have the features I need so would be a false economy. So now I am back to square one.

I am lost without sewing…

This means that monstering will have to take a short break for a while. However…I have a lot on my plate what with getting married in October so you can follow the ups and downs of planning a hand-made wedding, including making The Dress over on my sister blog at www.mrandmrsmonsters.wordpress.com. Why not stop by to say hello!