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Fishy Fun

7 Oct

I’m very lucky that Mr Monster is as much of a big kid as I am. We both love silly hats, funny songs, practical jokes, and don’t even get us started on the idea of preparing for christmas!

After a lovely date-night last night which involved a very competitive game of jungle themed crazy golf and a few glasses of fine west-country cider, we bounded out of bed this morning and headed off to Bristol’s newish harbourside aquarium. I have to say the place has been really well done, with nicely designed walkways, imaginative exhibits, and of course many weird and wonderful forms of aquatic life. From a MASSIVE octopus, to dainty seahorses and graceful rays, we had a great and frankly really relaxing time. I’m considering paying for a years membership so I can go down if ever I feel a little highly strung, to lose myself in the meditative motion of fins and flippers.

Besides having a delightful day out with my man, I also found monster inspiration in every tank. Upturned mouths, bulging eyes, bizarre markings, they all have potential to make it into my next creation. Nature gives us such a huge variation and some amazing, beautiful and often just plain weird features. Don’t be surprised if my works takes a little fishy turn in the near future!

The seahorse exhibition was especially well done with a glass dome inside the tank and a tunnel to crawl through so you could pop your head up inside and get a really close look.

Oh, and there was a sea slug in there too…

I was especially fond of the friendly little terrapins who popped their heads out of the water to say hello

And have never noticed how much jellyfish look like buttons

The Rays have funny faces

And so do we!