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Charity Critters

24 Jul

Keen followers may remember me posting about my mum and her lovely sock creatures. She started making them last year and soon amassed quite an army of them.

When I was back at home a couple of weeks ago for a visit, she was proud to show me a project she had been working on at the primary school in which she works as a learning support assistant (it happens to be my old primary school, and hers too!). She had got all the kids busy making sock monsters to raise money for charity, and what a great job they had done. She tells it much better than I do.

Well here it is…. my very first guest blog, albeit for my daughter. I am not as good a writer as Jennifer, but I’m going to give it a go!

I work in a primary school in Reading and, at present, I am attached to the year six (62 eleven year olds). Over the past three years they have all been very supportive of one of their class mates. Matthew has leukaemia and has been very ill. He has spent a considerable amount of time in Lion Ward at The Royal Berkshire Hospital, so I thought that before they all go off to their secondary schools it would be great to raise some funds for the ward.

Having been inspired by Jennifer to make sock monsters last year, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I started planning how to make 62 sock critters. I spent a long time working out which children should go in which groups and at what time. Even more time was spent shopping for socks, ribbons, buttons and stuffing, but everything was in place and we got started.

Some days they drove me mad asking ‘is it my turn to do the socks?’

I would just point to the timetable and tell them to check for themselves! They were all excited about making their  critter and, yes the boys were just as excited as the girls. The beauty of this craft activity was that although we followed two simple basic shapes they all look totally different.  Although somebody should come up with a fool-proof way for children to thread their own needles!!

Here is a picture of the complete set.

Do they remind you of anything?

All the sock creatures were given names that developed as they were made. Each child succeeded in making their sock into a creature however good or bad their sewing skills were. Some children have gone home and driven parents mad to go out and buy socks and stuffing to make another.

I hate to single out any of the creatures because they are all fabulous, but some of them are so good I can’t resist….

Top row :- Captain Spotty. Megan, Monacle

Bottom row:-  Droopy, Stripey, Button Eyes

Button eyes was actually made by a boy with fairly severe autistic problems, but as you can see, he made a super job of it. This sort of activity seems to bring out the best in all the children. I had no problems with their behaviour, which it has to be said, has not been the best over the last year.

The local newspaper sent a photographer  to record their efforts and we raised £134.88.  Pretty good I reckon!

Of course the teachers have said that it would be a great activity to do every year!! Thank goodness I will be retiring soon!! (I loved it really).

So it just goes to show. Never underestimate what kids are capable of, or what they might be interested in doing. Craft is fun, therapeutic, and good for all those who dabble in it, and I hope that the kids who made these monsters will remember that feeling and take it on into later life. Well done Mummy Monster!