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A Wonderful Wedding Weekend – Part 1

11 Oct

Mr Monster and I have had the most amazing, exhausting, and beautiful few days. I have so much I want to show you, and over the next week or so the wedding posts will be coming thick and fast. For now thought, I want to tell you the story of our wedding weekend.

We got engaged in December last year and knew that despite neither of us being Bristol natives, there was nowhere else in the world that we wanted to get married. One slight problem we encountered was that as Bristol only has a few venues licenced to carry out a wedding ceremony, they are all extremely pricey and to be honest, none of them really felt like us. It was a good friend who also got married this year who came up with a solution….

Our nuptials began on Friday with a very small, intimate and emotional ceremony at the local registry office. We booked their smallest room and had with us just Mummy and Daddy Monster, and Monster Mummy and Daddy-in-law (married 40 years and 36 years respectively). We left the registry office legally wed under a cloud of confetti

And so, the deed was done, and the extended Monster family were free to celebrate with a few bottles of wine and a lovely meal.

But this wasn’t enough for us, just one wedding dress? PAH! So two days later we had planned a blessing ceremony where all of our family and friends could join us in celebrating the commitment we had made. We approached the pub that we were in when we got engaged. A very well-respected jazz venue in Bristol and they could not have been more accommodating. They closed their doors for a few hours in the morning in order that we could use their stage to conduct our ceremony. Local acapella group Chicapella sang me down the aisle, and a good friend of Mr Monster’s kitted up in top-hat, white bow-tie, and vintage tails to officiate our blessing. We exchanged rings, and recited vows which we had written ourselves. Tears were shed both on stage and off, and the cheer that went up during the ‘you may now kiss the bride’ moment was overwhelming.

For our reception venue, we had chosen our local vintage bowling alley, complete with free bowling and karaoke for the guests all evening, a buffet of pizzas and burgers and a barbecue in the evening as we danced the night away to lots of live music.

But how would we get there? One evening, possibly after a few glasses of wine, we decided that it might be a good idea if the Mr rode his fancy chrome low-rider bike, with me hanging onto the back on roller skates. When it came to it, I wasn’t so sure, but it actually turned out to be one of the most fun parts of the day. We literally stopped traffic, made a lot of people smile, and even had open-topped city tour buses cheering us on!

That last one was the ‘We made it without falling over’ kiss.

And so we were ready for an evening of fun, but I will leave all that for another post!


Keep on Rollin’

17 Mar

Ooooo, now then. I have a new obsession. While in London at the weekend, I was watching some kids in the park enjoying themselves on roller skates. It took me back twenty years to when I got a beautiful pair of second-hand skates in blue suede with yellow stripes, and used to zoom up and down the garden path. I miss that freedom, and as much as I love monstering, it doesn’t really have that outdoorsy, adrenaliney hit which we all need.

So, when I got home Mr Monster and I started looking into getting me some skates, and into the wonderful world of Roller Derby. Derby is a fast-paced, ruthless, slam-fest of a game, and with my scrappy nature, is right up my street. To anyone not familiar with the game, check out the Hollywood version in the move ‘Whip It’. It’s so popular at the moment that there are huge waiting lists to even try out for a team, but that’s ok as it gives me time to get my skating legs back. I’d not been on a pair in quite some years until I gave it a go at a roller disco last summer and spent the majority of my time on my bum, much to the amusement of my friends!

So, after dreaming about some skates all week, yesterday Mr Monster and I headed up to Roller Mania in Bristol and got me a pair of derby skates, complete with wrist guards and a hot pink helmet. After a brief stop-off for a milkshake, we came home and headed straight to the car park for an inaugural roll. I LOVED it! Admittedly, I looked like Bambi learning to walk, but I stayed on my feet and made progress fast. This morning I bounced out of bed and if it weren’t for the risk of bumping into my neighbours, I would have been down to the car park again in my PJ’s to give it another go! As it was, I did take the time to put some clothes on and off I went. I’ve pretty much nailed going in a straight line now, and I’m actually learning to stop instead of crashing wildly into walls.

I am totally in love with the whole thing and on Monday I’m going to brave the real world on them for the first time. Bristol has some great flat, smooth, outdoor spaces, so while the rest of the world are at work I’m going to don my helmet and pads, and get out in the open. Of course I will let you know how it goes.

We thought it would be good to document my progress, so the ever talented Mr Monster has created a little teaser trailer for what’s to come. It made me howl with laughter when I saw it, check it out with the link below.