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Sugarplum Tinkleton

26 Dec

Merry Christmas fabric fans!

I hope you have all had a wonderful time so far and are still enjoying your turkey sandwiches. The run-up to Christmas was a busy time in my craft workshop, to the point where I began to consider advertising for some elves.

I can start to reveal what I’ve been up to now that things have been unwrapped and welcomed to their new homes.

First…meet Sugarplum Tinkleton.

Sugarplum Tinkleton

Sugarplum had dreams of being a chess grandmaster, until at age 12 she started to grow her wings and resigned herself to a life of fluttering and wish-granting. She makes a mean Black Forest Gateau and leaves a definite aroma of cocoa and kirsch wherever she goes. She is beautiful…but deadly, underestimate Miss Tinkleton and it may just be the last thing you do!

Sugarplum Tinkleton

Sugarplum Tinkleton

Sugarplum Tinkleton

Sugarplum Tinkleton




The Keepsake Twins

8 Oct

I loved my little chap made from a cherished babygro so much, that I decided to construct him a sister to keep him happy. He will be off to his new owner very soon, and she is destined for a friend of mine who I am off to visit next week and will be the first time I get to meet her new little lady, sister to her two beautiful boys.

As they will both be flying the nest soon, I thought a family photoshoot was in order.

And of course my kitten Lorelei wanted to get in on the action too!


Looking Forward to Getting Started on this Little Beauty

28 Aug

New Monster Sketch

Veronica Flipperstone

20 Aug

VeroniceSalutations to newest member of the monster family, Veronica Flipperstone. Glamorous movie star ‘Ronnie’ was discovered by the boss of MGM whilst sunbathing on the pier at Weston-Super-Mare eating a 99flake. Initially reluctant to take on the role of saucy swimmer, she learnt to embrace the skimpy costumes and now finds it difficult to get out of character in everyday life. She can be found browsing the baked bean aisle of Tesco’s wearing her diamond encrusted goggles and floral swim cap, and has even been spotted at the laundrettes watching her polkadot bikinis go around in the drier whilst in full flipper and nose-peg ensemble.

VeronicaVeronica needs a new manager – find her on my Etsy shop if you can help.