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Felt Ahoy!

29 Dec

I’ve so much to share with you from the festive period but to start with, I wanted to unveil a quick little project which I’ve just completed.

I’ve been dying to further explore the world of needle-felting after having learnt the basics in a workshop a month or so ago. I incorporated the skills into one of my recent commissions, and have begun to see so many possible applications for felting in my work. I’ve always had a love of illustration, and a hefty collection of children’s picture books, but have never had the drawing skills to match what I see in my head. I’ve realised that needle-felting can be used as a medium for illustration, so this evening I decided to have a go. Within half an hour I’d managed to create a little image that I’m actually quite proud of.

Felted Illustration

Lots of potential for improvement and for broadening my scope, but for now, I’m happy with this little chap!

Thinking Small

20 May

At yesterdays art trail, it dawned on me that it would be nice to have smaller pieces to sell along with my usual large monsters. Maybe even things which are more functional too, like key rings and brooches. So today I set myself the challenge of working small.

For me, bigger has always been better. I struggle to paint, draw, or do anything creative on a small scale. I find it easier to express myself when I can feel loose and unconfined. I just don’t get on with fiddley detail. That’s what made the idea of mini monsters seem quite daunting. In the past, even when I’ve tried to work small, my work just grows and grows until it reaches truly monstrous proportions.

Naturely, I procrastinated for a bit as the idea of the task at hand was outside of my comfort zone, with plenty of potential for failure. After a strong coffee and a pep-talk from Mr Monster, I set to work.

I was actually surprised at how fun it was to do something new. First, I set about making a tiny pirate.

So cute! And he fits in the palm of my hand, LOOK!

I presented him to Mr Monster who instantly grabbed him with a cry of “MINE”… I will take that as a compliment. He set me the challenge of making a small version of Alphonso, the monster which I created in his image when we first started seeing each other. And so I scurried back to the craft-room to give it a bash. An hour and a half later, my tiny pirate was joined by Alphonso’s diminutive twin.

He’s still not teeny tiny, but I reckon I managed to get him at least one fifth of the size of his big brother.

Mr Monster is going to take little Alphonso to work to sit on his desk. I think he’ll make a good PA.


Peddling My Monster Wares

20 May

South Bristol was overrun with piratey fun yesterday (or should that be piratical,or piratanical?….never mind) as the Southbank Art Trail came to town. ‘HERE BE ART’ was the tag-line for the pirate themed trail where local residents open their homes, and churches and community centres fling open their doors to the public. Local artists display and sell their work at venues across the trail, and visitors follow a map working their way from place to place.

I set up my little monster display at the Southbank Club in deepest Southville and had a great day chatting to visitors about my work and my inspiration.

I had a great day, and got some amazing feedback. It’s always lovely to see people’s reactions to my work which tend to range anywhere from a confused knit of the eyebrows, to a good old belly laugh.

The experience has got me all fired up to do some monstering today. classically, I find it very difficult to work small, my pieces range from large to enormous, so I’m going to try to get out of my comfort zone and make some tiny monsters.

Wish me luck!

Thanks also to my many lovely friends who popped down to support me yesterday. You know who you are, and I love you all. xxx

Arrrrrthur Riggington

3 Mar

“Ahoy There” to the newest member of the monster clan. Constructed using an old stripey babygro, Arrrrrthur is getting himself all packed up and ready to come with me to the Little Monster Baby and Toddler show tomorrow.

Arrrrrthur is an experienced pirate, held back only by his frequent bouts of scurvy bought about by his limited diet of dry porridge oats and beef flavoured crisps. He likes to sing the hits of Neil Sedaka on the ship’s karaoke, and can’t help but snigger whenever anyone mentions the poop deck.