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A Few Things to Show You

28 Aug

Hello my lovely fabric fans! It is Sunday morning and I am in my jammies with a cup of tea and I have custody of the laptop for the day. Mr Monster is happily Xboxing and I have lots of stuff to work on.

As you know it has been a busy week for us with lots of exciting stuff to celebrate including Mr Monsters rave review in the Evening Post, the arrival of his fancy new business cards and my involvement with the very exciting Lionheart Magazine.

Needless to say Mr Monster and I are very pleased with the way our businesses are developing and have a buzz of excitement surrounding us at the moment.

I just wanted to share with you a couple of things. I asked Mr Monster to take some photos of me at work for a piece I am writing about my art for a fellow blogger. I was really pleased with how they turned out, that boy is really quite handy with a camera, as evidenced by his 365 day photo challenge. Check out the results:

The Mistress at WorkThe Mistress at WorkThe Mistress at WorkThe Mistress at Work

Very happy with those and I’m sure they will be incorporated into my eagerly awaited new website.

Other than that, you may have heard me talk about my Mum and her fabric skills before, I learnt a lot from that lady! Over the summer as she works in a school, she has had some time on her hands and has put it to good use with a new venture. She is creating a veritable menagerie of sock animals to sell on the run-up to christmas in aid of the school she works in which is actually the establishment in which my brother and I spent our formative years. She came to visit me last week and we hit the craft shops of Bristol. It was great to browse around with someone who shares my obsession with buttons, beads and felt. She sends me photos of her finished work and I wanted to share it with you too.


BumbleAnd those are just a couple of my favourites.

More ramblings from me later I’m sure. Happy Sunday!

What a Beautiful Day

21 Aug

MonstersI am loving this shot taken by Mr Monster this morning – the sun was shining down on my little monster family and the beautiful blue sky was just stunning. I’m really pleased with the direction my work is taking at the moment, the cylindrical form is developing well and I have a lot of monster ideas up my proverbial sleeve.

Mr Monster included this shot as part of his ‘365’ photo challenge. Taking a shot everyday which not only has artistic merit but also captures the essence of the day, Check them all out here

Wow! Gorillas…A Day Well Spent

24 Jul

Mr Monster and I set ourselves a challenge today. Bristol is currently home to around 60 painted gorilla sculptures as part of a project to celebrate 175 years of Bristol Zoo. We have stumbled across a few of the ones on our doorstep and decided that today was the day to set about bagging the lot. We headed out with our camera, a map and a dogged determination. 8 hours and 22 miles on foot later we arrived home with 50 gorillas under our belts, exhausted and satisfied but in desperate need of a Sunday Roast and a well deserved glass of wine.

We took two sets of photos. Mr Monster took some really lovely arty ones which you can find on his blog, they are a good opportunity to see the sculptures in their settings and looking their best. We also took it in turns to pose with the gorillas to prove that we were there! All in all it was a lovely day spent in wonderful company with a worthwhile mission to complete. We will certainly sleep well tonight.