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Dabbling in Dressmaking

28 Jan

I am a little bit proud of myself. Today I completed my first proper dressmaking project in twelve long years.

I wanted to start with the simplest possible pattern to make sure that it wouldn’t be beyond my ability and crush my confidence as I know what I’m like. If I try something and can’t do it then I can become very stubborn and start that whole “I didn’t want to do it anyway” thing. I chose something from the ‘Simplicity’ book, in the ‘sew easy’ section, clearly marked ‘easy’. I hoped it didn’t get much more simple than that!

And so today I have made myself a cute floral apron which admittedly is a tiny bit big, I made it in medium when I probably should have gone for the small, but regardless I am immensely chuffed.

So I started by cutting and pinning the pattern to the fabric. The keen-eyed amongst you will spot that I have made the mistake of folding the fabric in half the wrong way but luckily for this pattern it didn’t matter and I won’t make that mistake again.

I only had one minor hissy fit when I couldn’t work out how to construct the pockets but Mr Monster stepped in with his analytical mind and deciphered the pattern instructions for me.

Once I got to this stage I was feeling pretty pleased with myself

And from there it was only a few short steps to finish the apron off. Here it is in all it’s glory (a little blurry as it’s a dodgy self-take)

I have to say my new sewing machine is an absolute dream. I now have a simple dress pattern to attempt and I have to say, so far I’m really enjoying these first few baby-steps on my journey into dressmaking.

Queenie – The Love Machine

27 Jan

Oh my GOODNESS what a day it’s been. Fabric fans who have been following my little blog will know of my lust for a Brother Innovis-350 sewing machine, and that today was the day that through the help and support of my nearest and dearest, I was finally to get my mitts on one.

So this morning, after a broken nights sleep from excitement (it’s pathetic I know), I set off on the train to Taunton to go to my beloved Stitch Academy who had ordered the machine in for me to come and collect. When I got there, I got the most lovely surprise. I’d been given an upgrade!

The wonderful ladies at the Stitch Academy helm had ordered me in the Innovis-400 at no extra charge. I couldn’t believe their kindness and am completely over the moon with my new machine who shall hence-forth be known as Queenie. Lets take a few moments to admire her womanly curves shall we?

Brother Innovs-400

Brother Innovs-400

Brother Innovs-400She and I have spent the afternoon together, learning each others quirks and foibles. So far we are getting along just great and I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Now the challenge really begins. I’m pleased as punch that I can start monstering again as there has been a huge creative void in my life since I’ve been without a mechanical friend. BUT…I also need to start improving my dressmaking skills in order that I can tackle The Dress in time for my wedding in October. Fear not, I have a plan. I’m going to be having some one-on-one dressmaking tuition at The Stitch Academy alongside plenty of practice at home. I should have a whole new wardrobe in no time!

I have myself a little challenge to kick the learning process off and to test what I can remember having not really done much dressmaking since my teens. I’ve bought myself a really simple pattern to make an apron, and tomorrow, when I get up, I will be straight into the craft room to give it a bash. I shall consider it my second date with Queenie. I should have something to show you this time tomorrow so stay tuned…