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My Dolly Daydream

10 Apr

I had a very exciting little package arrive at the weekend. My very own Curious Pip doll.

In case you’ve never visited the whimsical world of Sarah, the brains behind Curious Pip, hot foot it over to her blog. Sarah and I first met a couple of years ago on an illustration course and became friends through a mutual admiration of Oliver Jeffers. Her work is inspired by her love of all things vintage, and I’m proud to own one of her miniature circus showgirl dolls.

My lovely little redhead now presides over my collection of vintage powder compacts, and I couldn’t be more in love with her.



31 Aug

Foyles bookshop in Bristol’s Cabot Circus is my happy place.

They stock some beautiful and unusual books and there is nowhere on earth I would rather be than on a too small plastic chair in their vast treasure trove of a children’s department. In amongst the pristine copies of soon to be well-loved picture books, I am truly happy.

Every Wednesday on my way home from work I walk right by the front door and on more than one occasion I have been enticed inside by the oh so attractive window displays. Today was one such day and I made a marvellous discovery. The new Oliver Jeffers book (which I didn’t think came out until mid September) was sitting in shimmering hardback on the ‘What’s New’ shelf.

StuckBefore I had even had time to think, I’d grabbed a copy from the shelf and resisting the urge to plonk myself down right there and then to read it cover to cover, I found myself at the till babbling to the lovely assistant:

“I didn’t realise this was out yet, I’m so excited! Oooo, a grown woman getting her knickers in a twist over a picture book!”

She assured me that a reaction such as mine was generally quite standard in Foyles, and we bonded over our favourite Jeffers illustrations.

I walked, neigh, SKIPPED home to cosy up with a cuppa and devour my new book. ‘Stuck’ did not disappoint. The wonderfully tall story made me actually laugh out loud and the illustrations ranging from beautifully complex to deceptively simple yet totally expressive, demanded a second, third, and fourth flick through before the book took pride of place on my coffee table to inspire any visitors who happen to drop by.

I am a happy girl today.