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What a Menagerie of Loveliness!

25 Sep

You may recall some time ago, I posted about my mum and her sock animals. I just recieved an email from her with this picture which really made me smile.


I’ve already bagsied one of the bumble bees at the front of the picture. What a lovely colourful collection they make.

Clickedy Clack, Clickedy Clack

30 Aug

My monstering enterprise now has staff! … Kind of.

I have ’employed’ my mother to give me a hand with some new autumnal monsters I’m planning. I have pursueded her to flex her knitting muscles in return for payment in the form of cuddles from my kittens and a few cups of tea.

Seriously, that woman is amazing with a pair of knitting needles. You know that saying about the hand being quicker than the eye? Well you ain’t seen nothin’ until you watch my mum turn a ball of wool into a jumper at something approaching the speed of light. With one eye on Corrie, just a quick flick of the wrist and BAM … A scarf!

Now that my favourite season is drawing in and I start dreaming of bonfires, conker fights, and toffee apples, my monsters are taking on a more cosy feel. I’m all about chunky knits and lots of layers. I do have some rudimentary knitting skills but my mum is far faster and neater than I could ever be so I’ve put her to work knocking me up a nice line in miniature hats and scarves to adorn some of my creations. They should be winging their way to me in the post over the next few days so keep an eye on the blog for some comfy cosy creatures.

A Few Things to Show You

28 Aug

Hello my lovely fabric fans! It is Sunday morning and I am in my jammies with a cup of tea and I have custody of the laptop for the day. Mr Monster is happily Xboxing and I have lots of stuff to work on.

As you know it has been a busy week for us with lots of exciting stuff to celebrate including Mr Monsters rave review in the Evening Post, the arrival of his fancy new business cards and my involvement with the very exciting Lionheart Magazine.

Needless to say Mr Monster and I are very pleased with the way our businesses are developing and have a buzz of excitement surrounding us at the moment.

I just wanted to share with you a couple of things. I asked Mr Monster to take some photos of me at work for a piece I am writing about my art for a fellow blogger. I was really pleased with how they turned out, that boy is really quite handy with a camera, as evidenced by his 365 day photo challenge. Check out the results:

The Mistress at WorkThe Mistress at WorkThe Mistress at WorkThe Mistress at Work

Very happy with those and I’m sure they will be incorporated into my eagerly awaited new website.

Other than that, you may have heard me talk about my Mum and her fabric skills before, I learnt a lot from that lady! Over the summer as she works in a school, she has had some time on her hands and has put it to good use with a new venture. She is creating a veritable menagerie of sock animals to sell on the run-up to christmas in aid of the school she works in which is actually the establishment in which my brother and I spent our formative years. She came to visit me last week and we hit the craft shops of Bristol. It was great to browse around with someone who shares my obsession with buttons, beads and felt. She sends me photos of her finished work and I wanted to share it with you too.


BumbleAnd those are just a couple of my favourites.

More ramblings from me later I’m sure. Happy Sunday!

Too Much Excitement For One Day!

21 Feb

Now then, those of you who have been following for a while may remember a post about my Mum’s character doll creations. Well….she came down for a visit today and I was thrilled to find that she had dusted off her skills and made one of me! Check this out:

She comes complete with monster, sewing machine and bag of stuffing, as well as highlighting my penchant for mis-matched socks.
We had a great mother and daughter day out which included a trip to visit the ‘sewing machine of dreams’ We practically had to wipe the drool off of it as we left the shop. One day it will be mine….Oh yes, it will be mine.

From little acorns…

10 Jan

I wanted to share with you a little of where my enthusiasm for fabric art comes from. My very talented mother has an affinity for fabric and has been making things for as long as I can remember. The projects which stick in my memory most of all are the character dolls she used to make for her friends and colleagues back when I was growing up.

She works in a primary school, actually the same one where I spent my formative years and in the great British tradition, we had some great and eccentric characters working there. Perfect material for making a fabric caricature. Staff used to get excited around birthdays and special occasions, hoping they would be in receipt of one of these little works of art
This is just a small selection and what you can’t see is that they often had fancy underwear, union jack knickers and the like.
Like mother like daughter.