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Music to Monster By

16 Oct

When I’m squirreled away in my craft room paradise, I like a bit of background noise to keep me company. Often it will be a little something on iPlayer, maybe some gentle cooking show or some kind of comedy, Mock the Week or the like.

Other times I fancy a bit of music; either to lift my spirits, soothe my busy mind or to get my bum wiggling. With Halloween approaching my thoughts have inevitably turned to ghosts, zombies and ghouls of all kinds, but not least of all my beloved monsters.

I figured that what my plushie endeavours need is a good old monster playlist to help me on my way, so without further ado, here are my top five of the finest moments in monster music.

1. The Monster Mash – Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers

Ask anyone to name a monster song and the first thing to pop into most people’s head will be this classic from 1962. Having danced to it at many a Halloween party,  it forms some of my very early monster memories. Hard to beat.

2. Monster – Professor Green

A current favourite from an excellent album. Great lyrics and a sing-along chorus with a bass line to bump your rump to.

3. Monster – The Automatic

I seem to have adopted this as my theme tune, it always pops into my head when I approach the closing stages of any of my creations.

4. My Beloved Monster – Eels

My favourite track from one of my favourite albums from my teenage years. It got stolen for the Shrek soundtrack, but I forgive them. It is a beautiful and emotive song and the simple imagary holds a lot of monster inspiration for me.

And finally…

5. Furry Happy Monsters – REM and the Muppets

Yes, I am just a big kid. I have a teddy, I get excited for cake and new pyjamas and I like monsters for cryin’ out loud. So why wouldn’t I love this wonderful moment in musical history where angst riddled American rock band REM join forces with the muppets to demonstrate the power of happiness. I urge you to watch this through and challenge you not to smile.

Mr Monster Lives up to his Name

19 Sep

I left Mr Monster unattended for an hour or so today whilst I ran some errands and when I returned I was greeted by this sight.



After watching me work for so long he had figured ‘how hard can it be?’ so had set about making a monster of his own. I taught him the basics of using a sewing machine a while ago so he could start customising is own clothes so he was fine with the machinery side of things. He has watched me cutting, turning, and stuffing enough to figure out how it all works and I must say, I really love what he produced.


I am reliably informed that his name is Order#143. He was originally purpose designed as a filing cabinet but something went wrong during the manufacturing process and he was accidently implanted with an artificial intelligence chip. He came to realise that he wasn’t destined for a life in the stationary trade, and set about achieving his dreams of becoming an astronaut. He had the heart tattooed on his chest to remind him he can be whoever he wants to be and to follow his dreams.

Seeing Mr Monster’s work has actually made me look at monster making through new eyes. I love the freedom in this little creation and this is exactly what I have started to lose in my own work. It was really uplifting to hear Mr Monster comment that he now appreciates how much work and skill goes into the art I create.

I really hope that he continues to tinker around in the craft room and, Order#143, for your outlook on life… I salute you.



Introducing the OmNom’s

11 Sep

A new line of monsters is born.

The OmNoms love to eat any precious possessions you might leave lying around. I am still learning about their tastes but it seems they have a particular penchant for mobile phones and MP3 players. They really will take a ‘bite out of your megabytes’!

I have a feeling that as the autumn draws in they might discover a taste for hot water bottles and perhaps even teapots to keep them nice and cosy.

OmNom animation

Monster Medicine

11 Sep

Any devotees of the blog will have heard a little about my ups and downs, inconvenient, irrational but not entirely uncommon amongst us creative types.

On the whole the ups make me super-productive and overflowing with ideas whereas the downs leave me lethargic and devoid of creative energy. I had a bit of what Mr Monster would call a ‘moment’ last night and have spent most of the day in bed and struggling to motivate myself.

We got to chatting about long-term plans to limit my downs and of course the conversation came round to monsters (as most of my conversations tend to do). We started throwing around some business ideas and we came up with a few possible leads. Despite my lethargy, Mr Monster who as always knows what is best for me, frogmarched me into the craft room, plied me with coffee and encouraged me to get sewing.

At first I struggled to get going but as soon as a monster started to take shape I forgot my black mood entirely and started to enjoy myself. The feeling of achievement I get from seeing a little character start to take shape is intensely satisfying and thoroughly worthwhile.

What I have learned today is most certainly that, along with coffee and cuddles, monsters are most definitely the best medicine

The Mistress of Monsters – Now on Etsy.

10 Sep

Technophobe that I am, this morning I was a very brave girl and with only minimal help from Mr Monster I managed to set myself up an Etsy Store. Monsters are now available to purchase through Paypal. Keep checking back for new stock which will be added regularly and custom orders are welcome. Happy Shopping!