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Christmas Commissions

18 Dec

I had a lot of fun recently making up a couple of commissions for a chap who’d seen my work at a craft fair in the summer and very kindly kept one of my cards in case he ever found himself in need of a monster!

Without further ado, meet Scarlett Sullivan and the ‘Abominable’ Bartholemew Cox (along with Tilly who’s just sniffing them out to see if she likes them)

Scarlett and Bartholemew

Scarlett Sullivan has an unhealthy addiction to strawberries. Doctors have told her she must cut back or else risk turning red and developing a pointy bottom. She’s tried electronic strawberries, strawberry patches, and even hypnosis in an attempt to kick the habit. Unfortunately the latter just resulted in Scarlett making chicken noises whenever anyone said the word ‘Collywobbles’. She can usually be found wearing her trusty headphones listening to her beloved hip hop music, however it does make her quite unaware of her surroundings and she can often be found bumping into lamp-posts and ignoring advances from handsome strangers.

Scarlett SullivanScarlett SullivanScarlett Sullivan

Needle-felted Strawberries

Needle-felted Strawberries


Scarlett Sullivan

The ‘Abominable’ Bartholemew Cox hails from Nevada. His father was a cowboy, as was his father’s father before him. Bartholemew longs to carry on the family tradition but much to his parent’s disappointment, is scared of horses and gets tangled up in his lasso. His passion is skiing, and he ROCKS the slopes! Decked out in his signature cowboy hat and scarf, he’s won every competition in the state. Now, having earned himself the nickname ‘The Abominable Snowman’, he has his eyes set on global domination of the skiing world.

Bartholemew CoxBartholemew CoxBartholemew Cox

Jeremiah Barnaby

12 Feb

So far 2012 has been a lean year monster-wise, what with getting my new sewing machine and all but finally, I can introduce you to a new member of the monster clan.

Jeremiah was raised in the circus by his bearded-lady mother and lion-tamer father, but turned his back on entertainment to become an academic. He just fell short of a place at Cambridge but did manage to secure a place at the south-west college of baked goods, studying modern biscuit history. His proudest moment should have been his appearance on Mastermind with a specialist subject of European biscuit economics from 1900 to the present day, but he fell apart after stumbling over the question “Are Jaffa cakes a cake or a biscuit?”. He has since redeemed himself with a landmark win on ‘Million Pound Drop’.

I made Jeremiah as part of my babygro keepsake project. I’m exhibiting at the Little Monsters baby show in Bristol in March so am putting together some samples to try to show potential customers what I can do with their old, cherished baby clothes. Plenty more where he came from so stay tuned!

The Burbalies!

27 Dec

I can finally unveil a project which I have been working on for sometime and the results of which I have totally fallen in love with. These little chaps were created as Christmas presents for Mr Monster’s mum Linda, and her two sisters Lesley and Angela.

As little girls growing up, their vibrant imaginations dreamt up a community of creatures who lived at the bottom of the garden called, the Burbalies. They have remembered these little critters long into adulthood so Mr Monster set me the challenge of bringing them to life. He managed to subtly weedle out of his mum what they might have looked like, so we took the basics and added a few of our own ideas to try and get the feel of these mystical monsters who lived in the veg patch!

The Burbalies

The Burbalies



For Linda, her new friend lives in the strawberry bush and is great friends with the local snails:

The Burbalies

The Burbalies



Lesley’s little chum has made his home amongst these pretty purple flowers which my grandmother always used to call ‘Dancing Dollies’. His best friend is a little green caterpillar:

The Burbalies

The Burbalies



And for Angela, I found this little chap in amongst the flowerbeds playing with the butterflies:

The Burbalies

The Burbalies


I have enjoyed this project massively and there is a lot of love sewn into these little creations. It’s been killing me that I haven’t been able to blog them until now! Merry Christmas everybody!



Jingle Jangle Jewellery Jewellery

9 Dec

My RingMy beautiful engagement ring arrived today and what a little bobby-dazzler it is! Mr Monster and I already have some clear ideas of what we want for our wedding and may even have a date to announce very soon. All so exciting!


Ramona Black

6 Dec

I’ve not been able to show you much of my work lately as a lot if it has been Christmas presents which I don’t want anyone to see before they receive them. However, today’s finished article is a commission for someone who I’m assured won’t be looking at the blog so it is safe to reveal her!

Ramona BlackRamona ran away from home at the age of six to join the Circus of Terror, she was kicked out at fourteen for misuse of circus property during an ill-fated game of spin-the-bottle. She is currently studying hard at vampire college to earn her fangs. During her teenage years Ramona has developed a violent dislike of Justin Bieber and the colour pink, but LOVES fish fingers, melancholy, and natural disasters.

Ramona Black

Ramona Black

Ramona was commissioned as a Christmas gift for a fourteen year old girl who is into the whole ’emo’ type thing. I had to visit a few alternative shops and do some internet research to try to get into that mindset as it’s all changed since I was that age. I must also tip my hat to the wonderful plush artist Junker Jane. I have been loving her work recently and there is undoubtably a large influence from her in this latest piece. I hope she goes down well on Christmas day!