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Welcome to WordPress

21 Jan

I love it when a fellow crafter decides to start blogging. That first post is always slightly nerve-wracking. Will people be interested in what I have to say? Will people bother to read what I write? Will I be able to find the time to write regularly?

Once I got past the first few posts and hit my web-log stride, I have found blogging to be a massively rewarding experience. I can be a little obsessive about checking my stats and love seeing what search terms have bought people to my site (and believe me, with a name like ‘The Mistress of Monsters’ these can be many and varied, if ya know what I mean!). Every time someone takes the time to comment, subscribe, or even just click the ‘like’ button, it makes me feel warm inside.

So, I would like to welcome to WordPress, Laura, of Laura Beth Designs. Jewellery maker and fellow button fanatic who today launched her new blog. Why not go and visit and show her some support?