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Arrrrrthur Riggington

3 Mar

“Ahoy There” to the newest member of the monster clan. Constructed using an old stripey babygro, Arrrrrthur is getting himself all packed up and ready to come with me to the Little Monster Baby and Toddler show tomorrow.

Arrrrrthur is an experienced pirate, held back only by his frequent bouts of scurvy bought about by his limited diet of dry porridge oats and beef flavoured crisps. He likes to sing the hits of Neil Sedaka on the ship’s karaoke, and can’t help but snigger whenever anyone mentions the poop deck.

Today is a VERY Exciting Day!

5 Sep

I am immensely proud to officially unveil my beautiful new website at www.mistressofmonsters.com.

Designed and executed by web-wizard and my favourite person in the whole wide world, Mr Monster, who on this occasion I feel should be credited with his real name – Andy Valentine.

Andy has spent hours perfecting every detail of the site. You can read a little about me, browse through my body of work and read the comments of some of my happy customers.

On the ‘Get Your Own’ page you can see some examples of my exclusive services including my keepsake baby-gro monsters made to preserve those special baby clothes which we hang onto long after our own little monsters have grown out of them.

I am also offering ‘Monster-likies’. If you send me some photos and a few facts about yourself or someone you love and I will turn that person into a monster. Who could resist such a special gift!

It is still a little bit of a work in progress as we still need to add my forthcoming Etsy shop and a few other bits and pieces so keep checking back to see what’s new.

I am so excited about the site and see today as a whole new start. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported my venture so far. You all know who you are!