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And the Winner is – Part 2

13 Apr

So, a little while ago, at the Little Monsters Baby and Toddler Show, I ran a competition for mums and dads to win the chance to commission a babygro keepsake monster. The winner was the lovely Marcia who sent me a teeny tiny little babygro which both her beautiful babies wore as newborns. She wanted a mummy monster with two baby monsters, a boy and a girl, to reflect this…and so I got to work.

I chose to use towelling for the mummy monster to stick with the newborn theme, but it turns out that it is just the WORST material to work with! It pulls really easily and little bits come off it like crazy. I spent the time I was working on the project looking like a big hairy monster myself!

Anyway, it was all worth it in the end and I really hope Marcia and her bambino’s like it and will be able to cherish it forever, as is the intention with my keepsake monsters.

If you would like one of your own, why not drop me a line through my contact page.

Babygros, Ready to Go.

3 Mar

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front lately. I’ve been squirreled away in my craft room getting myself prepared for exhibiting at the Little Monsters Baby and Toddler Show in Bristol tomorrow. It will be the first time I’ve shown the babygro monsters in public as in the past they have been done purely as individual commissions for happy customers. I’ve been busy making up a few samples for the show and I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out. I love seeing people interact with my creations, picking them up, smiling as they find the little details, It makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. I can’t wait to see what the response will be like tomorrow.

Stay tuned later for a new monster which I finished yesterday, He’s just powdering his nose, preparing for his photo shoot right now. In the meantime, why not come on down to Ashton Gate stadium tomorrow to see them for yourself!

Spreading the Monster Word

26 Oct

I got an exciting little parcel in the post today, a little bundle of ‘Bambino’s Magazines with my monsters on page four! Check this out:

Bambino's Magazine

I love how my logo looks in print. Many thanks to Jane, editor of Bambino’s for the mention. Bambino’s is a free Bristol based parenting magazine with loads of great articles and useful links. If you see a copy, be sure to pick one up!

The Keepsake Twins

8 Oct

I loved my little chap made from a cherished babygro so much, that I decided to construct him a sister to keep him happy. He will be off to his new owner very soon, and she is destined for a friend of mine who I am off to visit next week and will be the first time I get to meet her new little lady, sister to her two beautiful boys.

As they will both be flying the nest soon, I thought a family photoshoot was in order.

And of course my kitten Lorelei wanted to get in on the action too!


A New Arrival

2 Oct

I haven’t been lucky enough to start my own family just yet (other than the cats who are my little babies), but I know from many of my friends that often parents will hold onto babygros that their little monsters have grown out of, as they just can’t bring themselves to get rid of them. I can certainly understand that feeling despite not having children of my own.

The question is, what to do with these special garments. It’s such a shame to have them boxed up in the attic or gathering dust in a drawer. The answer…Monsters!!

Send me your baby clothes and I will turn them into something special and full of character to preserve those special memories.

The latest addition to the babygro hoard started life like this

And has been turned into this


I hope his new mummy and daddy like him.

Please note; I make keepsake babygro monsters as child-safe as possible but they are intended as collectables, not toys.