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It’s Good to Have a Plan

23 Oct

Now that I’m on holiday, I finally have some proper time to devote to my monster business. Not just the products themselves but the marketing and promotion side of things too. I admit I’m not the most organised of people, definitely one of my major flaws, but I am very proud of what I’m starting to achieve.

I have three main areas of focus at present; my babygo keepsakes which I’m going to start marketing under the name ‘Keepsake Creatures’, a new kit based project which I hope will attract those people just dipping their toes into the wonderful world of crafting, and of course, Christmas.

I’ve had a cChristmas crafting day today and Mr Monster, the cats, and I all look as if we have been subject to the wave of  fairy’s wand and are covered in glitter. I’m impressed with my productivity and will show you the fruits of my labours very soon.

The babygro side of things is coming along nicely and getting excellent feedback from my customers. Here’s a reminder of what I’ve been up to, turning old, cherished babygro’s into keepsakes to preserve them forever.

Keepsake Creatures

I have today secured a stall at a big baby and toddler show in Bristol next year and am EXTREMELY excited about it! More on that another time…

For now the babygros can go to one side making way for the Christmas push both in terms of decorations and little gifty bits and pieces. I love Christmas and am a massive kid when it comes to stockings, trees and yuletide magic so thinking about it early is no hardship. It just serves to whip me up into even more of a festive frenzy.

I have so many other things up my sleeve at the moment and as soon as I make progress with them you’ll see them all here on the blog, so stay tuned fabric fans!