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Happiness is…..

17 Jul


Simple Things

26 Jun

I had a smashing day today. It was my day off, starting with a lovely homemade smoothie, from Mr Monster’s fair hands, with a myriad of fruits and oaty goodness to see me through the morning.

My Wedding dress arrived which is horribly exciting. I couldn’t try it on properly as it seems to be a two person job, but it seems to fit, looks lovely, and is a great blank canvas for the customisations I have planned. With my hen weekend coming up this Friday, I’m really starting to feel like a bride!

After a bit of a shopping trip, I got home, did a great workout, and with the tennis on in the background, set about some domestic goddessery. I made (if I do say so myself) a spectacular slow-cooked spag bol, and also nicked a recipe from Tigerlilly Quinn‘s blog for a sugar-free banana cake which was delicious. Mr Monster and I are trying to change our lifestyle at the moment and have given up sugar and alcohol, and started strict exercise routines, so this sugar-free delight makes a welcome treat.

To top it all off, Mr Monster came home from work wielding the most beautiful, full, sweet-smelling rose I have ever seen, especially for me.

Life is good.

Happiness is…

17 Sep

Sometimes in life, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

I am grateful that it’s in my nature to find joy in the small things in life – sometimes I have been mocked or derided for being that way, but I really wouldn’t want to change. Yes, that side of me can have a tendency to make me seem naive and child-like, but are those really such undesirable qualities to have?

On the flip-side, being so easily pleased can also mean that I am equally easily crushed. In the blink of an eye I can go from skipping through the daisies, to the sky caving in. Would I give up one for the other? Would I stop giggling at daydreams and seeing monsters in the clouds in order to avoid the times when the world is ganging-up on me? Ask me that today and I might say ‘Yes please’, ask me tomorrow and I’m sure I will say ‘Hell No!’. That’s just the way I am.

It does me good sometimes to remind myself of the good things around me and of those little things that make me oh so happy – allow me to share.

1 – Tea in MY mug

My mugMr Monster and I had a lovely day a month or two ago at Flying Saucers in central Bristol – a pottery painting cafe where you can choose from loads of different blank pieces of porcelain to decorate. We spent several happy hours drinking tea, munching on biscuits, and each painting a mug for the other to call their own.

My mugThis pretty little owl was painted for me by Mr Monster and I love her. This is her before she was glazed and fired, and on the back of the mug he painted the likenesses of our two gorgeous little kittens. Every time I drink out of it I feel all cosy and warm to know that I have my very own mug and such a lovely man to make me my medicinal cups of tea to go in it.

My mugThese are the finished articles including the fox mug which I made for him.

2. The Great British Bake-Off

Bake Off

BBC programming at it’s best. If this is where my license fee is going then I pay it gladly. A good gentle hour of TV, watching people make delicious food with passion and love. As a child I can remember really enjoying watching cookery programmes and into adulthood I have always found them immensely relaxing. As someone who finds relaxation doesn’t come easy, it makes a welcome break from my ever fertile mind.

3 – Stuffed Magazine


Stuffed magazine is a stunning publication showcasing plush artists from around the world. Beautifully put together and endlessly inspiring. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t pick up one of the copies on my shelf and have a flick through. The newest issue is currently winging it’s way to me from America and every day when I go to check my postbox, the sense of anticipation is palpable. I’m sure it will be here soon and when it is I will be a VERY happy little mistress. Oh… And the title always makes me snigger!

4. Writing


Recently I have rediscovered my love of writing. I guess as someone who has so much going on in her head, getting it all down in words is a good way of letting off steam – a bit like Dumbledore’s Pensieve for any fellow Potterheads out there.

As a teen, I wanted to either be an artist or a writer. For work experience when I was fifteen, I organised a placement at my local newspaper (I arranged it a year in advance, that’s how keen I was!) and gained a good insight into the world of news journalism. Although I enjoyed the experience, I wasn’t keen on the fact that even at a local level stories were being embellished and sensationalised. At that tender age I didn’t really think about the fact that newspapers weren’t the only avenue and turned my back on the idea.

Despite writing endless short stories as a kid and knocking around the idea of a novel as an adult, I haven’t really written for pleasure in very many years. Blogging has been a great way to get writing again – the internet allows self-publication at the click of a button and whether anyone reads what I have to say or not, I can still get my thoughts out there.

Blogging has given me the confidence to put my written work ‘out there’ so to speak and the feedback I have been getting has been wonderful to receive. I have soooo many projects up my sleeve for the future… Perhaps I can be a writer AND an artist after all.

5. My Family


I’m at the point of life where I am not just thinking about myself anymore. I have my family to consider. Mr Monster and our two beautiful little kitty’s are everything to me and I am really enjoying building a life with them. Although sometimes I struggle to look after myself, looking after them brings me so much joy and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.