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Come on in – Wipe your feet!

24 Sep

What a lovely place the craft community is. I feel that I have been welcomed into its proverbial bosom with a warm perfumey cuddle and a gentle kiss on the forehead.

The wealth of talent and experience out there is incredible and I never cease to be touched by how supportive fellow artists can be, and how willing they are to lend a word of support or a morsel of good advice. Without the guidance of others I would have floundered in the literal ‘web’ of internet promotion and could have easily lost faith in the idea of a small business had I not read the testimonies of others who had been there long before me.

Many of those who have helped and inspired me in the fledgling stages of my monster enterprise, I have never even had the pleasure of meeting in person. However through facebook, twitter, and email, I can feel the vibes of shared endeavour and friendship.

I hope I can do the same for other up and coming creatives and pass on the baton of comradeship like a wise old owl. I have some ideas up my sleeve for doing  just that and have been in cahoots with some of my lovely, albeit largely ‘virtual’ friends to come up with something which I hope to be wonderful.

In the spirit of what I’ve said, check out this website – Handmade for you UK. A site whose mission it is to promote as many small crafting business as it can in one place and help them gain a foothold in what can seem to be a fairly flooded marketplace. They have kindly included me in the fabric and sewing section and I really admire the ethos of what they aim  to achieve. I urge anyone to contact them so we can build a really comprehensive resource for our community.

Ahhhh, I feel all warm inside.