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Good Advice

1 Oct

Comfort and wisdom can come from the most unexpected of sources, and today it came to me from thousands of miles away, from a person I have never met. A comment was left on my post about wedding stress by a lady in Wisconsin, America who has followed my blog for sometime now and often leaves little words of encouragement. This was what she had to say:

“Stress, anticipation, hype, expectations…all the emphasis on a future event distracts you from the present moment, which is the only “real” moment anyway. “Why anyone would want to marry you just now,” is a great reminder that your relationship with Mr. Monster is really about all the “just nows” that you will experience together. Looking into each other’s eyes, feeling his breath raise his chest, listening to the thud of his heart, watching a smile spread across his face, all of the ways that you are attentive to the immediate moment will keep you grounded and perhaps make you feel less cranky!”

Beautifully put, and so true. It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important and I thought I was the kind of person who wouldn’t get caught up in the planning and the stress. I guess I have been beating myself up for that rather than just enjoying the experience and going with the flow. This comment reminds me to be mindful of the present, to let go of unproductive worry, and to revel in the little things which make life, and love so worthwhile. I have been feeling needy of late and pestering Mr Monster for affection, and I guess that’s because I haven’t been soaking up the simple everyday things which are what a relationship is all about.

Thank you to Scillagrace for continuing to follow my ramblings and for giving me a much needed kick up the bum on these last few days before the wedding. Go on over to her blog to get to know her, and to check out some of the beautiful images she’s creating with her new camera.


Babies, Bunting, and Books

16 Jun

What a wonderful day it’s been. My good friend Amy of Purple Thread Designs is fit to pop with her first baby, a little boy. He should be arriving in the next 3-5 weeks and I can’t wait to meet him. Today was the day which we chose to spoil Amy and her lovely (and lively) bump, with a bit of a baby shower type knees-up.

We declared the day as a good excuse for some cake and we weren’t disappointed. Guests showed up with an array of homemade goodies which were duly demolished in double quick time. I unfortunately didn’t have time to bake anything so I set about making a baby out of fruit which seemed to go down well!

I knew that Amy wanted to keep the day fairly low-key, and also that she already has most of the baby stuff which she needs so, what with our mutual love of children’s books, I declared a book theme for the day, complete with little baby book bunting.

I asked the guests (in secret) to bring along a gift of a book which means something to them. The ladies did me proud and we had an amazing array of books from Each Peach Pear Plum, to Dogger, to Aliens Love Underpants, and everything in between.

I chose to give Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. I racked my brain to try to think of the story which I remember most fondly from my childhood. I was tempted by the monstrous Not Now Bernard, but then remembered the rhinoceros with the skin full of stale, itchy cake crumbs and the decision was made.

Star Wars fans among us will appreciate this fantastic gift knitted for the baby by the ever creative Emily. Illustrator, plush artist and all round talented lady. Amy and her husband are huge Star Wars fans so this baby hat complete with Yoda ears couldn’t have been more appropriate, SO CUTE!

It really was a great day, and it made the fact that we will have a new little man in our lives very soon, seem so much more real. Amy will make an amazing mum, and thanks to todays shower, he will be a well read, and well dressed little boy!

Wonderful, Wonderful Skype

3 Jun

Isn’t Skype amazing?

I’m not great with technology and I often think that things are invented needlessly and can really detract from old-fashioned methods and values. However…once in a while something comes along which just makes life better. Skype is one of those things for so many people.

What has prompted this outpouring of love for video-calling? Yesterday I had a good Skype chin-wag with my beautiful friend Irina. We are old friends from university, and last year she and her husband made the difficult decision to move to the other side of the world and set up home in Brisbane, Australia.

I miss her dreadfully, and think of her often. To be able to catch up on Skype is a magical thing. I’ve been able to show her around my flat and introduce her to Mr Monster and the cats. When she was very ill shortly after the move, I was able to check in and make sure she was ok. We can catch up on each other’s gossip and share virtual hugs.

This is us at our graduation in 2006 – isn’t she gorgeous?

Skype brings so many people together, friends, family, lovers, I think that’s what appeals to the romantic in me. Another friend of mine who was in South Africa for a time, came up with the concept of a SkyPint. Where both ends of the conversation enjoy a nice cold beer, thus pretending they have popped to the pub together. Genius.

A great use of Skype can be seen in this amazing video. I first saw this last week and it made me shed a little tear. I’ve shared it with others who’ve had the same reaction. I’d encourage you not to watch it if you’re feeling a bit hormonal!  A man plans the ultimate proposal to his girlfriend, involving 60 of their family and friends. Those who couldn’t be there in person join the fun on Skype. Perfect.

Happy Sunday fabric fans. Why not Skype someone you love? x

Bert Day – He’s a happy kind of chappy.

19 Mar

Good morning lovely blog followers. And what a morning it is. A perfect day to get out on my roller skates later, but for now, come and meet this little fellow.

On Saturday it was the birthday of a very good friend (and soon to be bridesmaid when I tie the knot later this year). She and her chap have always been massively supportive of my little monster enterprise so it seemed only right that she should have a creature of her very own.

And so, this little bundle was born. I gave my friend the dubious honour of naming him and she chose the name Bert, which I believe is the name of a well loved family member. Perfect. The surname Day was added (*chuckle chuckle*) and now here he is in all his glory.

Bert loves Birthdays, he grew up travelling the land spreading joy to those celebrating their special day, providing cake and party games such as ‘pin the tail on the monster’. He can blow up a bouncy castle in seconds flat and churn a prize-winning ice cream from whatever happens to be lying around in the cupboard. His travels ceased when he met his latest birthday-girl. He fell in love, and vowed to stick around to make all her future birthdays as happy as can be.

Come on in – Wipe your feet!

24 Sep

What a lovely place the craft community is. I feel that I have been welcomed into its proverbial bosom with a warm perfumey cuddle and a gentle kiss on the forehead.

The wealth of talent and experience out there is incredible and I never cease to be touched by how supportive fellow artists can be, and how willing they are to lend a word of support or a morsel of good advice. Without the guidance of others I would have floundered in the literal ‘web’ of internet promotion and could have easily lost faith in the idea of a small business had I not read the testimonies of others who had been there long before me.

Many of those who have helped and inspired me in the fledgling stages of my monster enterprise, I have never even had the pleasure of meeting in person. However through facebook, twitter, and email, I can feel the vibes of shared endeavour and friendship.

I hope I can do the same for other up and coming creatives and pass on the baton of comradeship like a wise old owl. I have some ideas up my sleeve for doing  just that and have been in cahoots with some of my lovely, albeit largely ‘virtual’ friends to come up with something which I hope to be wonderful.

In the spirit of what I’ve said, check out this website – Handmade for you UK. A site whose mission it is to promote as many small crafting business as it can in one place and help them gain a foothold in what can seem to be a fairly flooded marketplace. They have kindly included me in the fabric and sewing section and I really admire the ethos of what they aim  to achieve. I urge anyone to contact them so we can build a really comprehensive resource for our community.

Ahhhh, I feel all warm inside.