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Simple Things

26 Jun

I had a smashing day today. It was my day off, starting with a lovely homemade smoothie, from Mr Monster’s fair hands, with a myriad of fruits and oaty goodness to see me through the morning.

My Wedding dress arrived which is horribly exciting. I couldn’t try it on properly as it seems to be a two person job, but it seems to fit, looks lovely, and is a great blank canvas for the customisations I have planned. With my hen weekend coming up this Friday, I’m really starting to feel like a bride!

After a bit of a shopping trip, I got home, did a great workout, and with the tennis on in the background, set about some domestic goddessery. I made (if I do say so myself) a spectacular slow-cooked spag bol, and also nicked a recipe from Tigerlilly Quinn‘s blog for a sugar-free banana cake which was delicious. Mr Monster and I are trying to change our lifestyle at the moment and have given up sugar and alcohol, and started strict exercise routines, so this sugar-free delight makes a welcome treat.

To top it all off, Mr Monster came home from work wielding the most beautiful, full, sweet-smelling rose I have ever seen, especially for me.

Life is good.

Floral Felties

12 Jun

In less than four months I will be a married lady. No longer the Mistress, but the Monster Mrs. In a couple of weeks my friends are whisking me off for a mystery hen weekend, the dress is on its way, and the invites are nearly ready to go out.

I can’t believe it’s nearly here, and I’m so excited!

My current wedding project is to carry on working on the flowers. I’m making my own bouquets and button holes with felt, and my beloved buttons. It’s not a small task, what with four bridesmaids and a grooms party of eight! I’m getting there though and I’m pretty happy with the result so far.

Some of them even have a monsterous tinge to them!

New Monster Mummies!

28 Dec

I love nothing more than to see monsters go off to their loving new homes and it was great to see the Burbalies so well received by their owners.

The Burbalies

From left to right this is Angela, Linda and Lesley, Mr Monsters mum (Linda) and aunts with their little critters who live at the bottom of the garden. With the aid of a botanical encyclopaedia we have managed to find suitable names for them based on their embellished plant life so again, from left to right we have, Pompanette (a type of daisy), Pandora (a genus of strawberry) and Popple (a species of fuchsia).

Mr Monster and I had a thoroughly lovely Christmas. We were well and truly spoiled and have come home feeling like we have been well looked after over the last few days.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine has well and truly died now so I seriously need to think about getting my mitts on a new one – watch this space. In any case, it means no sewing for a few days. I don’t know how I’ll cope!


The Burbalies!

27 Dec

I can finally unveil a project which I have been working on for sometime and the results of which I have totally fallen in love with. These little chaps were created as Christmas presents for Mr Monster’s mum Linda, and her two sisters Lesley and Angela.

As little girls growing up, their vibrant imaginations dreamt up a community of creatures who lived at the bottom of the garden called, the Burbalies. They have remembered these little critters long into adulthood so Mr Monster set me the challenge of bringing them to life. He managed to subtly weedle out of his mum what they might have looked like, so we took the basics and added a few of our own ideas to try and get the feel of these mystical monsters who lived in the veg patch!

The Burbalies

The Burbalies



For Linda, her new friend lives in the strawberry bush and is great friends with the local snails:

The Burbalies

The Burbalies



Lesley’s little chum has made his home amongst these pretty purple flowers which my grandmother always used to call ‘Dancing Dollies’. His best friend is a little green caterpillar:

The Burbalies

The Burbalies



And for Angela, I found this little chap in amongst the flowerbeds playing with the butterflies:

The Burbalies

The Burbalies


I have enjoyed this project massively and there is a lot of love sewn into these little creations. It’s been killing me that I haven’t been able to blog them until now! Merry Christmas everybody!