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I’m Back!

21 Feb

Hello my lovely fabric fans. I’m sorry for my prolonged absence from blogging. I think I’ve been in a bit of a hibernation mode while we have a rotten English winter and just haven’t felt that I’ve had much I want to share with the world. Besides that, Mr Monster and I have been doing a lot of work on Monster HQ, painting walls, building furniture, and generally making ourselves a lovely little home. The upshot of this being that my craft room became the place where IKEA boxes go to die. A total dumping ground, meaning that crafting was impossible. Now that it’s all coming together however, sewing has resumed and I’m going in a bit of a new direction so watch this space for forthcoming creations!

One thing I have been busy with since I last blogged has been my fitness. You might remember that I was shocked in early January to discover that I was technically in the category of being obese, and was feeling the need to take action. A month and a half later,  having also raised over £200 for Cancer Research UK by completing their Dryathlon (no booze for all of January), I am back within the normal range for my 5ft 3 frame. Check this out:

1st Jan                                                   17th Feb                                

Weight – 71.7kg (11st 3)                   68.5kg (10st 7)                    

Chest – 90cm (35.4 inches)                 87cm (34.2 inches)               

Waist – 88cm (34.6 inches)                80cm (31.4 inches)                

Hips – 103cm (40.5 inches)                84cm (33 inches)                  

Thighs – 63cm (24.8 inches)              60cm (23.6)                             

We also measured my body fat at various points around my body ;

Iliac crest – 22mm                                     17mm                                           

Subscapular – 24mm                                 18mm                                          

Bicep – 11mm                                               8mm                                          

Tricep – 23mm                                             19mm                                          

Body fat Percentage – 34.33%        31%

Fat Mass – 24.65kg (3.9 stone)              21.26kg (3.3 stone)              

So my total weight loss may not be amazing, but I’ve lost 36cm (14 inches) from my body, so as you can imagine, my clothes fit better and I feel like a different person. Not bad in a month and a half. I will be continuing my efforts, drinking a lot less, eating better, and exercising regularly. Hopefully at the six month mark I can give you more good results!

My Olympic Legacy

13 Aug

The buzz surrounding the Olympic games in the UK has been incredible. Even people who were entirely nonplussed about the whole thing at the start, took to sobbing at heart wrenching slow motion montages by the end. Now that the whole thing is over, talk turns to the legacy of the games and what it means for British sport and for the nation as a whole.

The way I see it, it’s a chance to offer the youth of today role-models other than the latest ‘It girl’ or X-factor contestant; Flash in the pan celebrities famous for not much more than a pretty face and some savvy PR. It’s been great to see young people so moved by the achievements of our team and I feel sure  that some of them will find themselves competing for their own gold medals one day.

For us grown-ups, that ship may have sailed, but it doesn’t mean that what we’ve witnessed over the last two weeks hasn’t given us a little kick up the bum to think about bettering ourselves. Using the body we were gifted with to do something amazing. I’ve spoken to countless people who feel this way and I really see this wave of sporting enthusiasm taking us all to a better place.

Personally, it has inspired me to run. I have run in the past and am built like a sprinter rather than a distance runner. I did some pretty good races six years ago but had completely given up. Today I went for my first run in a loooooong time and I loved it. I only did 1.4 miles but I kept up a good pace and arrived home sweaty and elated. I had forgotten how much fun it is to sprint – pounding the pavement as fast as my little legs could carry me with the wind in my hair and the sun on my back.

A couple of work colleagues have been similarly inspired so I’ve set us up a Facebook group where we can log our runs and offer each other encouragement. We plan to find ourselves a 5km charity race which we can use as a goal to train towards and complete together. It’s an exciting prospect to think about what we might be able to achieve if we apply ourselves and support each other through our training. Watch this space…

Operation ‘Bring Back the Gunshow’

21 Nov

Mr Monster just posted on his blog, looking back at how his body has changed over the last few years. He used to be a personal trainer and had abs you could grate cheese on (see exhibit A below)

Mr MonsterI was in similarly good shape some time ago. At university the gym was my second home and I was in the best shape of my life which I maintained well once I started working. Very little body fat, excellent muscle tone, and was cardiovascularly extremely fit. My friends used to get me to challenge men in bars to arm wrestling matches and my party trick was doing lots and lots of press-ups. (see exhibits B, C, and D)

The GunsBunniesSanta BabyI think It’s safe to say that since we moved in together we have been on the contentment diet. We have enjoyed each other’s company and celebrated our happiness with good food and too much wine.

My realisation came when my buttons wouldn’t do up, my zips got stuck, and I found myself with nothing to wear. Out of interests sake I weighted myself one day to find that I had ballooned up to 10stone 13, putting on over a stone and a half in six months. Quite a weight for my 5’3″ frame. Through better diet and a little exercise I have since come down to 10stone 5 and feel a little healthier but would love to get down to 9stone 8. Not out of vanity but from a health perspective, and to wear some of my pretty (and pricey) dresses again.

So, Mr Monster and I have both joined a gym. I dragged my sorry behind down there in the rain this afternoon, and Mr Monster is there as we speak. It’s nice to be doing it together, both for ourselves and for each other. We will sleep well tonight.