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A Tale of Two Fairies – Part 2, A Guest Post.

30 Dec

Keen followers might remember a post a few weeks ago entitled ‘A Tale of Two Fairies’, in which I told the story of my mum’s 25-year-old Christmas fairy, and the new one I commissioned for her from Curious Pip to allow the old fairy to retire. Mum was thrilled with her new fairy and put her straight up in pride of place on the tree, while the old one was lovingly taken down and wrapped up in her box to be cherished. 

My mum works in a primary school and told some of the kids all about the fairies. They were amazed at how old the original one was, (25 years is an absolute age to an eight-year old!), and that £4.95 was such a lot of money back in the 80’s when we bought her from our local John Lewis. They were so inspired by the tale that she decided to take both the fairies in to school for the kids to see, which sparked off some project work for them to do. Allow me to share with you, my mum’s own account of the kids encounter with our festive, family fairies!

Now that the festive season is over for another year, I just had to let everyone know about my joy at receiving a new fairy for the tree.

My lovely daughter, Jennifer (aka Mistress of Monsters) delighted me with a home crafted, personally commissioned, brand new fairy courtesy of Curious Pip. You have probably already read about it in the blog and have seen the pictures but so much more has happened since then.

I work in a primary school and recounted the story of the fairies to a small group of year 5 children that I work with every day. In order to inspire them, I took the old and new fairies in to school.

They handled the fairies with due reverence and such care for children of that age. I think they really believed the fairies had genuine feelings (which of course they do).

We spent  a long time discussing the fairies and they had lots of things to say about them. They sympathised with the old fairy and suggested other jobs for her to do, so she would not feel neglected. The final decision was that the old fairy could be ‘Official Present Protector’.

I wish I‘d had a camera with me, because they all sat open-mouthed when I produced the new fairy from a tissue lined box.  Curious Pip has a new group of very young fans.

I am sure this will not be the last time that I use the fairies to inspire something in the children.

A Big thank you to Jennifer and of course, a BIG THANK YOU to Curious Pip.

The kids even wrote a poem about the pretty pair, and did some drawings too, fabulous!

She used to be the one on top

And now she’s down the bottom.

Someone else has muscled in

Don’t you think that’s rotten?

But if you think, she is quite old,

She needed to retire.

The bottom of the tree is best for her

‘cause it’s nearer to the fire.

The new fairy looks resplendent

Atop the Christmas tree,

But we’ll never forget the old one

She was very special you see.

Santa will think it very strange

But we’ll make it understood

That he’ll just have to get used to it

‘cause she’s here to stay for good.


Sugarplum Tinkleton

26 Dec

Merry Christmas fabric fans!

I hope you have all had a wonderful time so far and are still enjoying your turkey sandwiches. The run-up to Christmas was a busy time in my craft workshop, to the point where I began to consider advertising for some elves.

I can start to reveal what I’ve been up to now that things have been unwrapped and welcomed to their new homes.

First…meet Sugarplum Tinkleton.

Sugarplum Tinkleton

Sugarplum had dreams of being a chess grandmaster, until at age 12 she started to grow her wings and resigned herself to a life of fluttering and wish-granting. She makes a mean Black Forest Gateau and leaves a definite aroma of cocoa and kirsch wherever she goes. She is beautiful…but deadly, underestimate Miss Tinkleton and it may just be the last thing you do!

Sugarplum Tinkleton

Sugarplum Tinkleton

Sugarplum Tinkleton

Sugarplum Tinkleton




Belinda, The Fairy Goth-Mother

1 Apr

Look who just fluttered up to my bedroom window! Mr Monster grabbed his camera whilst she told me her story. Her name is Belinda, she is as mischievous as she is magical. One wave of her magic wand and chaos is sure to follow (speaking of her wand, it is entirely hollow and usually full of sherbet). She prides herself in coming to the aid of downtrodden maidens looking for their prince by way of her websitewww.charmingoralarming.com. However…..her matchmaking skills leave much to be desired and she is currently third in the list of the most common reasons for divorce, behind never having seen Blade Runner and buying tickets for Jedward in concert.