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Family Affair

24 Mar

You’ll know by now that I come from a very creative family. I’ve featured a lot about my mum’s fabric art, and I’ve told you about my dad with his extraordinary drawing and painting skills. But it doesn’t stop there. The extended family are also a very talented bunch, and today I want to share with you a little about my uncle.

Uncle David is my Mum’s older brother. He had a successful career with his own design and marketing business, but decided to retire early to make more of his creative urges. He is a sculptor and a poet, and last night he was interviewed by Claudia Winkleman on the Radio 2.  At the time of writing, it’s still available to listen to on Iplayer (he comes on at 1:27) and it’s inspiring to listen to him talk about his creative process. Each of his sculptures has an accompanying poem, in the interview, he describes the way that during the long process of carving the stone to create the sculpture, the poem essentially writes itself in his head. This struck a chord with me as it’s pretty much what happens as I make my monsters. Whilst stitching away, they tell me their name and their life-story.

You can see uncle David’s work on his website, The Artful Gallery, and read some of his poetry. I’d love one day to get a family exhibition going, get all of us to create a couple of pieces to collate together and display. What a lovely thing that would be. Generations worth of creativity and skill bought together in one place. Maybe one day…