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Lino Loveliness

3 Dec

I’ve been spending a few days in the bosom of the Monster family as we enjoy an early Christmas. My brother and his girlfriend will be in Oz over Christmas so we decided to bring it all forward by a few weeks, more on that another time…

Today my Dad and I had the day to ourselves as everyone else headed home last night, so I took the opportunity to pick his arty brain and learn a bit about lino-printing. He’s been print-making for many years but recently started getting serious and has been creating some fabulous images.

I love to learn new things, so over a mince-pie and a cup of tea he showed me the basics. One minor injury and some dramatic bleeding later, I had produced my first lino-printed image. Drawing has never been my strong point, but I managed to sketch a design I was reasonably happy with onto the lino as a starting point.

Lino printThe process of carving out the design was both totally confusing and thoroughly absorbing. I found it pretty tricky to work out what I should leave and what I should take away, but once I got going I started to get the hang of it.

Lino printThe time slipped by un-noticed and three hours later I was ready to get inky.

Lino printExciting! I find that so much in the world now is instant, that I enjoy the anticipation of waiting to see how something will turn out. Carefully placing the paper, giving it a good old rub with a wooden spoon, and then the reveal…

Lino printYay! For a first attempt I’m pretty happy with that. Any new skill is a learning curve and were I to do it again I would have left some fur detail in on the fox. All in all though, I enjoyed the process and am being packed off home with some basic supplies to do some more when I get home, so watch this space!


Wedding Memories

20 Nov

I’ve shared a lot of wedding snaps with you  here on the blog, but now that we have our official photos back from the very talented 88Photography and Ruth Garner Photography, Mr Monster has made us a little website where if you like, you can have a flick through our memories. Just click on the image above to take you there!

Emergency Monster Action!

14 Aug

So, I’ve been so busy with other things (well documented on the blog over the last few weeks, thanks for all the encouraging messages, it really has helped) that I haven’t felt that I’ve been able to justify spending time on monster making. I now realise that was a stupid idea

I’ve essentially lost a lot of confidence through not doing the thing which I love, which makes me whole, and reminds me that I’m worth something. Today then, there was nothing for it but to ‘Stay calm and Monster on’.

Allow me to introduce Percival Thrustworth.

Percival has aspirations to make his fortune as a writer of erotic fiction. He was raised by his aunt who incidentally was the first women ever to cross the channel in a pedalo. He enjoys a nice Pina Colada, but only through a pink curly straw. If he has one too many he takes a terrible turn and has been known to strip off his flowery trousers and striped shirt and run through the streets attempting to fight crime.



The Nicest of Gifts

6 Aug

You may remember some weeks ago that I wrote a post eulogising Mr Monster’s mum’s craft room. Well, I went on about it so much that Mr Monster eventually gave in and I came home one day to find that he had turned our spare room into a fledgling craft area. I was incredibly touched and may have even had a teeny bit of a cry.

As you may have gathered from his blog he is a creative soul himself so we can both make good use of the room which at the moment consists of a bench with my sewing machine and lots of work space surrounded by MANY disorganised boxes and bags full of supplies. Eventually I want to get the whole place organised with drawers and labelled compartments but that will have to wait. For now there is too much crafting to do!