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Felted Fabulousness

18 Nov

For a long time now, needle felting has seemed like the most mysterious of sciences to me. I’ve admired things made this way on Etsy and at craft fairs; beautiful, intricate works of art with no idea as to how they were made. I love learning new things, especially if it helps me to advance my monsters, so when a needle felting workshop popped up on my doorstep, I roped mummy monster in and we booked ourselves places on the course.

Paper Village is part craft-shop, part craft-community and is a true Aladdin’s cave of delights. A great selection of unusual books and supplies, with workshops covering every skill under the sun. Nothing is too much trouble for the vibrant and knowledgable owner, and Mummy Monster and I spent a wonderful afternoon there yesterday learning the basics of needle felting.

Over a cup of tea and some jelly babies, and along with four fellow newcomers to the art, we turned this

Into this

I really enjoyed the intricate nature of the methods involved in needle felting. It is somewhere between sculpting out of clay, and painting a picture. We started with making a simple round shape and embellishing it with shapes and colours.  I admit I was really unsure of what I was doing at first but eventually ended up with this.

Once I’d worked out the basic techniques I was keen to try something a little more complicated so set about trying to make a bird. At first I was completely lost as to how to sculpt the basic shape, but once I’d formed a spherical shape to get me started, the skills started to click and I grasped the idea of heavily working certain areas to change the shape and add the details. I was genuinely surprised when I ended up with this.

My little bird of paradise has got me well and truly hooked on needle felting and I can see the practical applications it could have for embellishment on my monsters, as well as as a craft in its own right. I can’t wait to get all the bits I need and get going on a few projects.

The others in the group got on well too. Mummy Monster ended up with this little collection

And our fellow crafters produced these little treasures

Fabulous and all so different, what a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

The Stitch Academy

16 Nov

Yesterday I mentioned that I was off to Taunton today to visit the Stitch Academy for a Brother sewing machine event. What a lovely day I’ve had. Amy, of Purple Thread Designs, and I bundled into the car after breakfast for our crafty roadtrip and arrived to find the academy in full swing.

The Stitch Academy The Stitch Academy opened in September providing not only a well stocked shop of fabrics, ribbons and the like but also offering a workspace, a varied range of classes and a permanently steaming kettle. The place emanates warmth, thanks in no small part to proprietresses Pat and Chrissie, two strong and passionate ladies with a vision for the future of craft.

I had a marvellous time watching demonstrations of some amazingly space-aged machines and chatting with like-minded ladies. Thank you to all involved and I urge you all to go and visit for a cup of tea and a chat. Perhaps learn a new skill?