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This One’s For You Mum

29 Apr

Once again, posts have been thin on the ground of late. I can’t help but feel that that has been due in part to the state of my craft room. My crafty activities have been spilling over into our downstairs snug, and I’d started to think that perhaps that was a nicer room to work in. Until that is, Mummy monster came down at the weekend and pointed out that I was probably enjoying being in there more just because it was clean and tidy!

A little ashamed of the state of the craft room, I decided to dedicate my Sunday afternoon to getting it sorted out. It truly had got into a terrible mess, but I had been feeling that any time spent tidying it up was wasted craft time. It had got completely out of hand. Exhibit A…

photo (6)

photo (9)

photo (11)


And managed to transform it to this; Exhibit B…

photo (1)

photo (8)

photoPhew, that’s better! The Eagle eyed amongst you might spot the new addition to my crafting arsenal. I got myself an overlocker. VERY exciting, and an amazing piece of kit. It took Mummy monster and I a fair bit of time to figure out all the settings and features but once we did there was no stopping us. The possibilities it opens up for me are immense and I’m very excited to have some new projects on the go.

So, now I have a lovely space to craft in. I just have to try and keep it tidy now, not my strong suit so wish me luck!


Festive Fairies

3 Nov

Mr Monster and I had a most enjoyable and productive day today. I’ve been wanting to get some mini-Christmas fairy monster tree toppers done after the success of the star toppers last year, and the Mr wanted to get a fancy dress costume made. We shared the craft room and over copious cups of tea, we got creating. A succesful day was had by all. He is currently squeezing into a rather spectacular AT-ST costume (Star Wars roboty thing for the uninitiated!) and I have some lovely little fairy folk to show you.

I’ve discovered the joys of Jellyrolls. Bundles of coordinating fabric intended for patchwork, but the perfect size for making mini-monsters. I got a great roll yesterday of home-spun patterns in muted colours which I felt would be perfect for some tree-topping darlings. I managed two today and I am extremely proud of them. Take a little look

Perfect to tie on to the top of your tree!

I love the direction my work is taking at the moment. The mini-monsters are allowing me to create more rapidly and keep a coherent flow through my work. The collection is starting to look really good and I can’t wait to get them out there at a fair to see how people respond to them.

Christening the Craft Room

16 Oct

It makes me very happy that today I’ve been able to clear up my craft room and with the radio on and the sun pouring in, I’ve started monstering again for the first time in months. The craft room in the new house is an ideal space with lots of natural light, a variety of workspaces and a view of the garden. I can tell that I will be spending many happy hours in there.

ROAR! – Issue Two of Lionheart Magazine

2 Jul

A delightful little parcel dropped onto my mat today. My copy of the second issue of the wonderful publication, Lionheart. For anyone who has been longing for a magazine which speaks of the existence we strive for, of vintage style, yummy food, art for art’s sake, and of living a full and round life, this is for you. I’m dead excited to sit down with a cup of tea tomorrow and read it cover to cover.

I’m included in this issue, the theme of which is ‘warmth’. I wrote about the cosy haven which is my craft room, and the solace I find in monstering. You can pick up a copy on the Lionheart website, and also at any of the outlets listed here. Perfect rainy day reading.

Mr Monster Lives up to his Name

19 Sep

I left Mr Monster unattended for an hour or so today whilst I ran some errands and when I returned I was greeted by this sight.



After watching me work for so long he had figured ‘how hard can it be?’ so had set about making a monster of his own. I taught him the basics of using a sewing machine a while ago so he could start customising is own clothes so he was fine with the machinery side of things. He has watched me cutting, turning, and stuffing enough to figure out how it all works and I must say, I really love what he produced.


I am reliably informed that his name is Order#143. He was originally purpose designed as a filing cabinet but something went wrong during the manufacturing process and he was accidently implanted with an artificial intelligence chip. He came to realise that he wasn’t destined for a life in the stationary trade, and set about achieving his dreams of becoming an astronaut. He had the heart tattooed on his chest to remind him he can be whoever he wants to be and to follow his dreams.

Seeing Mr Monster’s work has actually made me look at monster making through new eyes. I love the freedom in this little creation and this is exactly what I have started to lose in my own work. It was really uplifting to hear Mr Monster comment that he now appreciates how much work and skill goes into the art I create.

I really hope that he continues to tinker around in the craft room and, Order#143, for your outlook on life… I salute you.