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Map The Sewinists

11 Mar

I stumbled across a great project today whilst browsing through posts with the tag ‘sewing’. The brains behind the website  ‘Another Sewing Scientist’ struck on the idea of trying to map all the stitchy types across the globe to allow us to get to know each other within our own communities. It’s taken off big-time with many hundreds of crafters tagging themselves resulting in a world map awash with little blue pins.

Map the Sewinists

I love this idea, and noticed that the UK is looking mighty bare just now. As a nation we have no shortage of talented seamstresses and stitchers, so lets drop some more blue pins and start to get acquainted!

You can find instructions on how to tag yourself by clicking the map above. It’ll take you straight there!

A Crafty New Collaboration

26 Sep

Following on from what I was saying the other day about the crafting community, I had the pleasure of meeting some of Bristol’s finest this evening.

The lovely Amy of Purple Thread Designs was holding a launch event at a local arts centre cafe this evening so I popped along to meet her and check out her amazing cross stitch kits. I’m really impressed with her designs and may have invested in one to keep me busy on those occasions when I am feeling a bit monstered out but still have an urge to craft.

Amy had set up a bit of a sewing corner and was encouraging passers-by to get stitching. I settled down with a cuppa and got chatting to fellow fabric artist and softie maker Emily Taylor of Eejits Toys. I stumbled across her creations a while ago on facebook and swiftly fell in love with them.

It was great to meet some like-minded folks in a relaxed setting and I’m really glad I went along. The three of us got to chatting and have floated the idea of a monthly craft evening; a regular night of swapping skills and ideas. An exciting prospect which I see as a really valuable tool to keep creativity flowing and to learn new techniques.

In other news, Mr Monster made me well up with this really lovely post on his blog and also, STUFFED MAGAZINE ARRIVED!!

What a great day.

Come on in – Wipe your feet!

24 Sep

What a lovely place the craft community is. I feel that I have been welcomed into its proverbial bosom with a warm perfumey cuddle and a gentle kiss on the forehead.

The wealth of talent and experience out there is incredible and I never cease to be touched by how supportive fellow artists can be, and how willing they are to lend a word of support or a morsel of good advice. Without the guidance of others I would have floundered in the literal ‘web’ of internet promotion and could have easily lost faith in the idea of a small business had I not read the testimonies of others who had been there long before me.

Many of those who have helped and inspired me in the fledgling stages of my monster enterprise, I have never even had the pleasure of meeting in person. However through facebook, twitter, and email, I can feel the vibes of shared endeavour and friendship.

I hope I can do the same for other up and coming creatives and pass on the baton of comradeship like a wise old owl. I have some ideas up my sleeve for doing  just that and have been in cahoots with some of my lovely, albeit largely ‘virtual’ friends to come up with something which I hope to be wonderful.

In the spirit of what I’ve said, check out this website – Handmade for you UK. A site whose mission it is to promote as many small crafting business as it can in one place and help them gain a foothold in what can seem to be a fairly flooded marketplace. They have kindly included me in the fabric and sewing section and I really admire the ethos of what they aim  to achieve. I urge anyone to contact them so we can build a really comprehensive resource for our community.

Ahhhh, I feel all warm inside.