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A monster is for life, not just for Christmas

13 Nov

My house is full of monsters. It’s about time that some of them went off to their forever homes so I’m putting some of them up for adoption. They make excellent christmas gifts for that person who has everything, and are a great discussion piece on display on a shelf or windowsill.

I’m running a bit of an informal auction, with a suggested adoption fee for each monster (postage and packing will be a little extra), and am accepting bids for each little creature over on my facebook page. Remember that they are much bigger than they look in photos and each one is totally handmade with love and attention to detail. They are made as child-safe as possible but do contain small parts so are not intended as toys.

So if you fancy owning any of this motley crew head on over to my Mistress of Monsters page on facebook and let the bidding commence!

Festive Fairies

3 Nov

Mr Monster and I had a most enjoyable and productive day today. I’ve been wanting to get some mini-Christmas fairy monster tree toppers done after the success of the star toppers last year, and the Mr wanted to get a fancy dress costume made. We shared the craft room and over copious cups of tea, we got creating. A succesful day was had by all. He is currently squeezing into a rather spectacular AT-ST costume (Star Wars roboty thing for the uninitiated!) and I have some lovely little fairy folk to show you.

I’ve discovered the joys of Jellyrolls. Bundles of coordinating fabric intended for patchwork, but the perfect size for making mini-monsters. I got a great roll yesterday of home-spun patterns in muted colours which I felt would be perfect for some tree-topping darlings. I managed two today and I am extremely proud of them. Take a little look

Perfect to tie on to the top of your tree!

I love the direction my work is taking at the moment. The mini-monsters are allowing me to create more rapidly and keep a coherent flow through my work. The collection is starting to look really good and I can’t wait to get them out there at a fair to see how people respond to them.

Bathing Beauties

25 Nov

After meeting the very lovely Chris Webb of Lazy Crafternoons at one of our monthly Coffee and Craft meetings, I eagerly signed up to take part in one of his workshops. Temptingly titled ‘Treat Yourself’, and in the gleeful surroundings of vintage teashop Cox and Baloney, the course promised to teach the basics of making your own bath bombs, masks, and scrubs.

I’ve always been a devotee of shops like Lush as I firmly believe that if you don’t pamper yourself on occasion, then who else is going to? The only downside being that they have a habit of discontinuing my favourite products, and that I can very easily max out my credit card in one sweet-smelling hit!

I’d never really considered making my own products as I always imagined it to be some kind of mysterious science, but under Chris’ expert tuition it turned out to be both straight-forward and fun. Cox and Baloney was the perfect setting, with a bit of Sinatra in the background, bottomless tea from Granny’s best mis-matched china, and some yummy home-made cakes. We stirred, mixed, piped, and laughed, ending up with some cupcake bath bombs, a jar of body scrub, and a clay face mask. Playing with essential oils chilled me out no end and boxing up and decorating our wares at the end of the workshop provided a great sense of achievement.

Bath StuffWhen I was a kid I had a bit of an obsession with George’s Marvellous Medicine, especially after seeing Rik Mayall’s spirited interpretation of it on Jackanory. Splodging and squirting household items into a saucepan to make something magical was such an attractive idea, and making bath and body products has that same ‘hubble bubble toil and trouble’ feel to it. Especially when we discovered that cat litter makes an excellent base ingredient for face masks; mixing that up and spreading it on my face made my day but it has the potential to confuse the hell out of my cats.

Chris gave us some recipes to take away and I will most certainly be utilising my new skills to make Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest. My skin is now buffed, polished, and nourished, and all for pence rather than pounds. Aces!