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Queenie – The Love Machine

27 Jan

Oh my GOODNESS what a day it’s been. Fabric fans who have been following my little blog will know of my lust for a Brother Innovis-350 sewing machine, and that today was the day that through the help and support of my nearest and dearest, I was finally to get my mitts on one.

So this morning, after a broken nights sleep from excitement (it’s pathetic I know), I set off on the train to Taunton to go to my beloved Stitch Academy who had ordered the machine in for me to come and collect. When I got there, I got the most lovely surprise. I’d been given an upgrade!

The wonderful ladies at the Stitch Academy helm had ordered me in the Innovis-400 at no extra charge. I couldn’t believe their kindness and am completely over the moon with my new machine who shall hence-forth be known as Queenie. Lets take a few moments to admire her womanly curves shall we?

Brother Innovs-400

Brother Innovs-400

Brother Innovs-400She and I have spent the afternoon together, learning each others quirks and foibles. So far we are getting along just great and I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Now the challenge really begins. I’m pleased as punch that I can start monstering again as there has been a huge creative void in my life since I’ve been without a mechanical friend. BUT…I also need to start improving my dressmaking skills in order that I can tackle The Dress in time for my wedding in October. Fear not, I have a plan. I’m going to be having some one-on-one dressmaking tuition at The Stitch Academy alongside plenty of practice at home. I should have a whole new wardrobe in no time!

I have myself a little challenge to kick the learning process off and to test what I can remember having not really done much dressmaking since my teens. I’ve bought myself a really simple pattern to make an apron, and tomorrow, when I get up, I will be straight into the craft room to give it a bash. I shall consider it my second date with Queenie. I should have something to show you this time tomorrow so stay tuned…

The Stitch Academy

16 Nov

Yesterday I mentioned that I was off to Taunton today to visit the Stitch Academy for a Brother sewing machine event. What a lovely day I’ve had. Amy, of Purple Thread Designs, and I bundled into the car after breakfast for our crafty roadtrip and arrived to find the academy in full swing.

The Stitch Academy The Stitch Academy opened in September providing not only a well stocked shop of fabrics, ribbons and the like but also offering a workspace, a varied range of classes and a permanently steaming kettle. The place emanates warmth, thanks in no small part to proprietresses Pat and Chrissie, two strong and passionate ladies with a vision for the future of craft.

I had a marvellous time watching demonstrations of some amazingly space-aged machines and chatting with like-minded ladies. Thank you to all involved and I urge you all to go and visit for a cup of tea and a chat. Perhaps learn a new skill?


Must Be Good…Must Be Good…Must Be Good………

15 Nov

For the last year or so I have lain awake at night, dreaming of computerised alphabets, LED screens, electronic speed control, automatic thread trimming and a choice of 294 stitches.

Brother Innovis 350

Yes, the Brother Innovis 350, my holy grail, my one true love, the object of my desire. This little beauty, in my eyes, leaves all other sewing machines in the shadow. I’ve been after it for some time but haven’t been able to justify investing in it as my trusty old basic Brother has just about done everything I need it to do (often only after a little light persuasion). So the shiny, sexy Innovis 350 has remained a mere dream, just a glint in my seamstress’ eye.


Having worked with some really good quality faux fur this week for the Bipolar Bear, I’m really keen to explore the world of fluff a little more and make a lot more furry monsters. My little machine struggled terribly, I felt bad for expecting it to do something it really wasn’t made for. The poor little thing made a valiant effort but was sweating and trembling by the end from the exertion. I’m sure had I pushed it much more, it would have ended up in the sewing machine hospital on an oil drip with a bandaged needle and a sick-note.

The problem is, I still can’t really afford my dream machine so must be patient. Tomorrow though, I am off to a Brother sewing machine road show event at the wonderful Stitch Academy in Taunton. All those lovely machines on show, demonstrations, a chance to play with them, I’m worried I might be seduced into taking one home. I must be strong, I must control my urge to adopt one, and I must be patient. The wait will make it seem so much sweeter when I finally get my mitts on my very own fancy new machine. *Sigh*