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The Knot Has Been Tied!

9 Oct

Well…we did it. I married my Mr Monster and we had the most amazing time. We have so much to show you, but for now we have just had a champagne breakfast and are off for a mini-moon to the local zoo and the travelling Moscow State Circus.

Over the next few days I will show you everything I made and everything we got up to over the wedding weekend, but for now, here is a little teaser from our official photographs of the day!


Celebrity Well-Wishes

6 Oct

We got some very unexpected congratulations to add to our ever growing display of wedding cards. My sneaky Mother had written to a few of my favourite public figures telling them about my upcoming nuptials and asking them if they would send me a card to celebrate the big day.

She received apologies from Professor Brian Cox who was off ‘doing science’ somewhere exotic, and from Kate and Wills who said they were very sorry, but they had to decline as it wouldn’t be fair on other newly weds.

She did however present me with cards from two of my heroes which resulted in me dissolving into a puddle of girlish squeals. We got this one from the delectable Matt Baker, love of my life (after Mr Monster of course), Blue Peter heart-throb turned Strictly dance floor tottie.


And as if that wasn’t enough, she then produced this:


Stephen ‘freakin’ Fry!! I still can’t quite believe it. There are even blobs of ink on the inside of the card where he closed it up while the ink was still wet. I didn’t think it was possible to get any happier on my wedding weekend, but these amazing well-wishes elevated my joy to the next level!

The Final Countdown

4 Oct

Not long to go now. I still have a few jobs to do but for today I decided that my best option was to have a bit of a rest. I’ve been pampered from top to toe at the beauty parlour, and I got to try my hand-embellished dress on properly for the first time. I have to say, I was pretty proud of what I’ve achieved and am looking forward to walking down the aisle in my own little work of art. Even if people don’t like it, one of my bridesmaids tells me that it makes me look like I have a tiny waist and an impressive rack. What more could a bride want?!

Good Advice

1 Oct

Comfort and wisdom can come from the most unexpected of sources, and today it came to me from thousands of miles away, from a person I have never met. A comment was left on my post about wedding stress by a lady in Wisconsin, America who has followed my blog for sometime now and often leaves little words of encouragement. This was what she had to say:

“Stress, anticipation, hype, expectations…all the emphasis on a future event distracts you from the present moment, which is the only “real” moment anyway. “Why anyone would want to marry you just now,” is a great reminder that your relationship with Mr. Monster is really about all the “just nows” that you will experience together. Looking into each other’s eyes, feeling his breath raise his chest, listening to the thud of his heart, watching a smile spread across his face, all of the ways that you are attentive to the immediate moment will keep you grounded and perhaps make you feel less cranky!”

Beautifully put, and so true. It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important and I thought I was the kind of person who wouldn’t get caught up in the planning and the stress. I guess I have been beating myself up for that rather than just enjoying the experience and going with the flow. This comment reminds me to be mindful of the present, to let go of unproductive worry, and to revel in the little things which make life, and love so worthwhile. I have been feeling needy of late and pestering Mr Monster for affection, and I guess that’s because I haven’t been soaking up the simple everyday things which are what a relationship is all about.

Thank you to Scillagrace for continuing to follow my ramblings and for giving me a much needed kick up the bum on these last few days before the wedding. Go on over to her blog to get to know her, and to check out some of the beautiful images she’s creating with her new camera.


Blood, Sweat, But No Tears.

30 Sep

I have just this moment finished ‘The Dress’, and rightly so with only one week to go until the big day! Of course I can’t show you any pictures lest Mr Monster should see, but I see no harm in giving you a little sneak preview.

I am typing with a mangled finger as the last task was to sew the hem on the underskirts, in my haste to finish I managed to trap my finger in the sewing machine, adding blood to the sweat of the last few months of work. Thankfully I have held back the tears, even when the project wasn’t going to plan. I reckon there has been around 30 hours of work in this dress, perhaps more, and I am rightly very proud of what I’ve done. It’s been killing me that I can’t show Mr Monster as usually I consult him at various stages throughout a project for encouragement and to bounce ideas around. It’s been hard not to have him involved and to have that invaluable support which he provides. Hopefully though, he will love it on the day.

All I have left to do now is one last buttonhole. That can wait though as for now I’m looking forward to a hot shower, a glass of red, and a roast cooked by my soon-to-be husband. What could be better on my last ‘single’ Sunday?

Speaking of buttonholes, here’s what I’ve made for Mr Monster to wear on the day, complete with googly monster eye. What do you think?