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Good Advice

1 Oct

Comfort and wisdom can come from the most unexpected of sources, and today it came to me from thousands of miles away, from a person I have never met. A comment was left on my post about wedding stress by a lady in Wisconsin, America who has followed my blog for sometime now and often leaves little words of encouragement. This was what she had to say:

“Stress, anticipation, hype, expectations…all the emphasis on a future event distracts you from the present moment, which is the only “real” moment anyway. “Why anyone would want to marry you just now,” is a great reminder that your relationship with Mr. Monster is really about all the “just nows” that you will experience together. Looking into each other’s eyes, feeling his breath raise his chest, listening to the thud of his heart, watching a smile spread across his face, all of the ways that you are attentive to the immediate moment will keep you grounded and perhaps make you feel less cranky!”

Beautifully put, and so true. It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important and I thought I was the kind of person who wouldn’t get caught up in the planning and the stress. I guess I have been beating myself up for that rather than just enjoying the experience and going with the flow. This comment reminds me to be mindful of the present, to let go of unproductive worry, and to revel in the little things which make life, and love so worthwhile. I have been feeling needy of late and pestering Mr Monster for affection, and I guess that’s because I haven’t been soaking up the simple everyday things which are what a relationship is all about.

Thank you to Scillagrace for continuing to follow my ramblings and for giving me a much needed kick up the bum on these last few days before the wedding. Go on over to her blog to get to know her, and to check out some of the beautiful images she’s creating with her new camera.


Wedding Update

9 Jun

I’ve been pretty quiet on the old wedding front on the blog, I’d hate to bore you all with tales of dresses and hotels and such. However, if you want to catch up on the wedding progress (it’s less than four months away now) then head on over to a guest post I wrote for the lovely Tigerlilly Quinn, the lady who inspired me to start blogging in the first place!

Welcome to WordPress

21 Jan

I love it when a fellow crafter decides to start blogging. That first post is always slightly nerve-wracking. Will people be interested in what I have to say? Will people bother to read what I write? Will I be able to find the time to write regularly?

Once I got past the first few posts and hit my web-log stride, I have found blogging to be a massively rewarding experience. I can be a little obsessive about checking my stats and love seeing what search terms have bought people to my site (and believe me, with a name like ‘The Mistress of Monsters’ these can be many and varied, if ya know what I mean!). Every time someone takes the time to comment, subscribe, or even just click the ‘like’ button, it makes me feel warm inside.

So, I would like to welcome to WordPress, Laura, of Laura Beth Designs. Jewellery maker and fellow button fanatic who today launched her new blog. Why not go and visit and show her some support?

The Final Countdown Da Da Da Da, Dadaladada…….

20 Oct

Blog posts have been a little thin on the ground of late as I limp towards the finish line of 3.15pm tomorrow, when I clock off at work for eighteen whole days of holiday.

Eighteen WHOLE days!

I’m not going away anywhere so will mostly be holed up in my craft room. I have very many monster plans which I hope to bring to fruition in that time, some of which I am very excited about. I will show you them as and when things start to come together but in the meantime, I’m sure you won’t be able to shut me up. Keep checking back for more of my ramblings!