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Another Happy Monster Owner

7 Mar

Bertrum was welcomed into his new home at the weekend by his intended owner, my wonderful Nan. I hope he makes her very happy and also makes her lots of ice-cream.

Bertrum Hickling and the Power of Flowers.

3 Mar

Meet my lovely fluffy friend Bertrum. He is currently winging his way to my home town on the train to meet his new owner, My Grandmother. He used to have a high-flying career in the city, you know the type. All starched collars and cocktails. However……the power of flowers made him realise that kind of life wasn’t for him so he quit his job and bought an ice-cream van which plays a plinky-plunky version of Sympathy by the Rolling Stones. He now travels the country spreading dairy-based joy.

Fun-Fur Friday

18 Feb

Today I embarked on a new monster project using a material I have as yet not explored….Fun-Fur.

My Grandmother has requested a monster of her very own so I wanted to make her a cute, furry special something. In hindsight, perhaps some kind of fleece would have been sufficient. I figured ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ and bought some two inch long ice-blue fur. BIG mistake. This stuff is now lodged in all my nooks and crannies and I am not far away from coughing up some fur-balls. I hope it is worth it when it’s all finished. Keep an eye on the blog, I should have a picture of the finished article up by the end of the weekend.