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Clarence Amberwood

9 Sep

This little chappie came in from the cold today to join my monster family.

Clarence AmberwoodClarence hates the cold. Usually un-commonly mild mannered, the slightest nip from Jack Frost and he is transformed into a grouchy, offensive, foul-mouthed liitle hooligan. His wife Geraldine makes sure he always has his hat and scarf which she hand-knitted for him and ties firmly over his mouth to stem the torrent of potential abuse.

Clarence AmberwoodClarence’s constant companion is his pet mouse Percival who rides happily in his pocket. Percival is a timid little creature who lives on a diet of toffee apples and eggnog. He sleeps for most of the day but when he is awake he amuses himself by singing show tunes and playing practical jokes on unsuspecting cats.

Clarence AmberwoodClarence turned out to be a bit of a team effort. My mum knitted him his cosy hat and scarf, his jumper used to belong to my Dad but he donated it to my monster stash and I felted it down in the washing machine. Mr Monster also had a hand in the project as he came up with Clarence’s name. Overall … very happy with him.

Julian Cinderbach

4 Sep

As the Autumn approaches, a new little chappy has joined the ranks of my monsters.

Julian CinderbachAll set for the season, Julian is very much looking forward to days spent making Guy’s, kicking through leaves, and munching on toffee apples, so much so that he has been in his hat and coat since early June in preparation. The upshot being that he has gotten to be a little bit whiffy so the other monsters are giving him a wide berth. There are rumours that Julian’s rosy cheeks are the result of his penchant for cider, if you ask me it’s only a matter of time before his nose turns a similar hue. I’m sure I saw him stashing a few cans of Strongbow under his bobble-hat the other day and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had a few more tucked in the waistband of his jeans.

Julian CinderbachJulian is looking for a new home – visit my Etsy shop to adopt him as your own.

Clickedy Clack, Clickedy Clack

30 Aug

My monstering enterprise now has staff! … Kind of.

I have ’employed’ my mother to give me a hand with some new autumnal monsters I’m planning. I have pursueded her to flex her knitting muscles in return for payment in the form of cuddles from my kittens and a few cups of tea.

Seriously, that woman is amazing with a pair of knitting needles. You know that saying about the hand being quicker than the eye? Well you ain’t seen nothin’ until you watch my mum turn a ball of wool into a jumper at something approaching the speed of light. With one eye on Corrie, just a quick flick of the wrist and BAM … A scarf!

Now that my favourite season is drawing in and I start dreaming of bonfires, conker fights, and toffee apples, my monsters are taking on a more cosy feel. I’m all about chunky knits and lots of layers. I do have some rudimentary knitting skills but my mum is far faster and neater than I could ever be so I’ve put her to work knocking me up a nice line in miniature hats and scarves to adorn some of my creations. They should be winging their way to me in the post over the next few days so keep an eye on the blog for some comfy cosy creatures.