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The Power of Illustration

26 Sep

Having dabbled in the world of illustration I have some idea of how hard it is and have a massive amount of respect for those who do it well. To capture a story or a message in a simple and attractive image is a great art.

Today Mr Monster posted an illustration on my facebook wall while I was at work which really spoke to me.

I have a condition called Cyclothymia, a milder form of bipolar disorder (and the very same condition as Stephen Fry don’tcha know). Along with this comes the prohibative and sometimes embarrasing side effect of social anxiety. Not all the time and not in every situation but when it happens it happens big time and this weekend has been especially problematic.

I love the message portrayed in this little illustration; that despite social anxiety, those of us who experience it are still capable of great things. An empowering thought delivered in a clever way.

I have no idea who it is by but if anyone can tell me please do let me know.