Looking for a special gift for that person who has everything? How about a handmade, monster caricature of that special someone?

With some photos and a description of the lucky monster model, The Mistress can create a one-of-a-kind work of art, capturing the essence of that person in her distinctive style. Do they have a particular hobby or past-time? Are they coming up to one of life’s milestones such as a graduation or wedding? Whatever it may be, The Mistress can capture it in fabric.

Head over to the contact page to get started!

Please note: These items are all individually handmade to the highest standards possible. Jennifer endeavours to make them as child-safe as she can but as handmade items, they do not have a British Standards Institution kite-mark and are intended as keepsakes, not toys.

Payment will be taken once a satisfactory preliminary design has been agreed upon. Delivery of the finished monster will be approximately 2-4 weeks following this.

Prices range from £35-£65 depending on the complexity and size of the item. A price will be decided on before construction begins.


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