Babygro Keepsakes

Wondering what to do with those well-loved babygros which your little monsters have grown out of, but which hold so many memories that you can’t bear to part with them? Allow the Mistress of Monsters to transform them into a keepsake plush to preserve them forever.

Whether it’s a simple, cute little furry friend, or something more outlandish, the Mistress can come up with a design to suit your vision. Tell her a little about the child who wore the babygro, and she will even try to work some of their quirks and characteristics into the finished critter.

Have a look below at some of the keepsake monsters which have already been sent to their new homes.

Like what you see? Click over to the contact page to discuss your very own monster!

Please note: These items are all individually handmade to the highest standards possible. Jennifer endeavours to make them as child-safe as she can but as handmade items, they do not have a British Standards Institution kite-mark and are intended as keepsakes, not toys.

Payment will be taken once the babygro is received, and a satisfactory preliminary design has been agreed upon. Delivery of the finished monster will be approximately 2-4 weeks following this.

Prices range from £35-£65 depending on the complexity and size of the item. A price will be decided on before construction begins.


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