This One’s For You Mum

29 Apr

Once again, posts have been thin on the ground of late. I can’t help but feel that that has been due in part to the state of my craft room. My crafty activities have been spilling over into our downstairs snug, and I’d started to think that perhaps that was a nicer room to work in. Until that is, Mummy monster came down at the weekend and pointed out that I was probably enjoying being in there more just because it was clean and tidy!

A little ashamed of the state of the craft room, I decided to dedicate my Sunday afternoon to getting it sorted out. It truly had got into a terrible mess, but I had been feeling that any time spent tidying it up was wasted craft time. It had got completely out of hand. Exhibit A…

photo (6)

photo (9)

photo (11)


And managed to transform it to this; Exhibit B…

photo (1)

photo (8)

photoPhew, that’s better! The Eagle eyed amongst you might spot the new addition to my crafting arsenal. I got myself an overlocker. VERY exciting, and an amazing piece of kit. It took Mummy monster and I a fair bit of time to figure out all the settings and features but once we did there was no stopping us. The possibilities it opens up for me are immense and I’m very excited to have some new projects on the go.

So, now I have a lovely space to craft in. I just have to try and keep it tidy now, not my strong suit so wish me luck!


3 Responses to “This One’s For You Mum”

  1. Mum April 29, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

    That is amazing. You must have worked very hard to get it so spick and span!! Great feeling though, isn’t it?

    Many hours can now be spent,
    Crafting away to your heart’s content.

    Enjoy using your ‘new craft room’.

    Lots of love xx

  2. scillagrace April 30, 2013 at 11:48 am #

    I definitely feel the potential energy in a tidy space…and clutter saps it right out. Good job taking charge of that! And what in the world is an overlocker?

    • mistressofmonsters April 30, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

      It’s a marvellous contraption for neatening seams and gathering fabric. I’m in love!

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