Blood, Sweat, But No Tears.

30 Sep

I have just this moment finished ‘The Dress’, and rightly so with only one week to go until the big day! Of course I can’t show you any pictures lest Mr Monster should see, but I see no harm in giving you a little sneak preview.

I am typing with a mangled finger as the last task was to sew the hem on the underskirts, in my haste to finish I managed to trap my finger in the sewing machine, adding blood to the sweat of the last few months of work. Thankfully I have held back the tears, even when the project wasn’t going to plan. I reckon there has been around 30 hours of work in this dress, perhaps more, and I am rightly very proud of what I’ve done. It’s been killing me that I can’t show Mr Monster as usually I consult him at various stages throughout a project for encouragement and to bounce ideas around. It’s been hard not to have him involved and to have that invaluable support which he provides. Hopefully though, he will love it on the day.

All I have left to do now is one last buttonhole. That can wait though as for now I’m looking forward to a hot shower, a glass of red, and a roast cooked by my soon-to-be husband. What could be better on my last ‘single’ Sunday?

Speaking of buttonholes, here’s what I’ve made for Mr Monster to wear on the day, complete with googly monster eye. What do you think?


3 Responses to “Blood, Sweat, But No Tears.”

  1. Mum September 30, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    That’s what you call a real labour of love and I know it’s been worth every minute and every stitch. XX

  2. Saskia September 30, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    How very special and so lovely. Well done, you were very brave to take on such a task. You should be extremely proud. Can’t wait to see it now! Xxx

  3. scillagrace October 1, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    Very nice bauble for Mr. Peacock to strut around in!

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