Simple Things

26 Jun

I had a smashing day today. It was my day off, starting with a lovely homemade smoothie, from Mr Monster’s fair hands, with a myriad of fruits and oaty goodness to see me through the morning.

My Wedding dress arrived which is horribly exciting. I couldn’t try it on properly as it seems to be a two person job, but it seems to fit, looks lovely, and is a great blank canvas for the customisations I have planned. With my hen weekend coming up this Friday, I’m really starting to feel like a bride!

After a bit of a shopping trip, I got home, did a great workout, and with the tennis on in the background, set about some domestic goddessery. I made (if I do say so myself) a spectacular slow-cooked spag bol, and also nicked a recipe from Tigerlilly Quinn‘s blog for a sugar-free banana cake which was delicious. Mr Monster and I are trying to change our lifestyle at the moment and have given up sugar and alcohol, and started strict exercise routines, so this sugar-free delight makes a welcome treat.

To top it all off, Mr Monster came home from work wielding the most beautiful, full, sweet-smelling rose I have ever seen, especially for me.

Life is good.


One Response to “Simple Things”

  1. scillagrace June 26, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    I’d never heard of “spag bol” before! Of course, the Italian is very familiar, just not the British.

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