Wonderful, Wonderful Skype

3 Jun

Isn’t Skype amazing?

I’m not great with technology and I often think that things are invented needlessly and can really detract from old-fashioned methods and values. However…once in a while something comes along which just makes life better. Skype is one of those things for so many people.

What has prompted this outpouring of love for video-calling? Yesterday I had a good Skype chin-wag with my beautiful friend Irina. We are old friends from university, and last year she and her husband made the difficult decision to move to the other side of the world and set up home in Brisbane, Australia.

I miss her dreadfully, and think of her often. To be able to catch up on Skype is a magical thing. I’ve been able to show her around my flat and introduce her to Mr Monster and the cats. When she was very ill shortly after the move, I was able to check in and make sure she was ok. We can catch up on each other’s gossip and share virtual hugs.

This is us at our graduation in 2006 – isn’t she gorgeous?

Skype brings so many people together, friends, family, lovers, I think that’s what appeals to the romantic in me. Another friend of mine who was in South Africa for a time, came up with the concept of a SkyPint. Where both ends of the conversation enjoy a nice cold beer, thus pretending they have popped to the pub together. Genius.

A great use of Skype can be seen in this amazing video. I first saw this last week and it made me shed a little tear. I’ve shared it with others who’ve had the same reaction. I’d encourage you not to watch it if you’re feeling a bit hormonal!  A man plans the ultimate proposal to his girlfriend, involving 60 of their family and friends. Those who couldn’t be there in person join the fun on Skype. Perfect.

Happy Sunday fabric fans. Why not Skype someone you love? x


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