A Monster Night Out

6 May

You might remember me telling you a couple of weeks ago about my love of WWE wrestling? I was getting a little bit over-excited as Mr Monster and I were off to see the world tour in Cardiff.

After counting down sleeps, we finally woke up on the day of the show like kids on christmas morning. I had to endure a very distracted day at work before we boarded the train to Cardiff.

We arrived at the Motorpoint arena, a venue I’d never been to before, and my excitement was compounded when I saw how small and intimate the place was. We really were going to be part of the action. After some obligatory ringside shots, and after Mr Monster had dragged me past the t-shirt stand, we took our seats.

As the lights went down, I turned into a madwoman. The footage you see of Beatlemania back in the day?… That was me.

Just look at that face!

We got loads of good shots of the action which I won’t bore you with here, but if you want to get a flavour of the night, check out this little bit of film we made. If you go forward to 1.40, you will hear me take COMPLETE leave of my senses when my favourite, The Big Show makes his entrance.

So now, having been fascinated by the bodies of these amazing men (from a purely artistic perspective you understand *cough cough*) I’m working on a line of little wrestling monsters, so stay tuned!


2 Responses to “A Monster Night Out”

  1. jumpingpolarbear May 6, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Used to love wrestling in the 90’s, but don’t follow as it as much anymore!

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