Guilty Pleasure

6 Apr

I have a secret…

My guilty pleasure is the sweaty, poorly acted, endlessly cheesy world of WWE wrestling. Shocking I know, but I just love the pantomime, the gaudy costumes, and waiting for those signature moves.

Next week Mr Monster and I are off to Cardiff to see the WWE world tour and I CAN NOT WAIT! I get a little bit over-excited just when I watch it on TV so I dread to think of the frenzy I’ll manage to whip myself into when it’s right there in front of me in all it’s faux violent, over-the-top glory.

How could anyone fail to enjoy moments like this?

And so…as Mr Monster and I snuggled up to watch the 2012 Wrestlemania together a couple of nights ago, and as I ‘OOOO’ed and ‘OWWWWCH’ed my way through every move, it got me to thinking about monsters (as most things ultimately do). It dawned on me that the flamboyant characters of wrestlers would lend themselves perfectly to being captured in monster form. You’ve got:



Big guys

Little guys





And everything in between. So fabric fans, keep an eye out on the blog for some little wrestling monsters coming your way soon!


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