Bert Day – He’s a happy kind of chappy.

19 Mar

Good morning lovely blog followers. And what a morning it is. A perfect day to get out on my roller skates later, but for now, come and meet this little fellow.

On Saturday it was the birthday of a very good friend (and soon to be bridesmaid when I tie the knot later this year). She and her chap have always been massively supportive of my little monster enterprise so it seemed only right that she should have a creature of her very own.

And so, this little bundle was born. I gave my friend the dubious honour of naming him and she chose the name Bert, which I believe is the name of a well loved family member. Perfect. The surname Day was added (*chuckle chuckle*) and now here he is in all his glory.

Bert loves Birthdays, he grew up travelling the land spreading joy to those celebrating their special day, providing cake and party games such as ‘pin the tail on the monster’. He can blow up a bouncy castle in seconds flat and churn a prize-winning ice cream from whatever happens to be lying around in the cupboard. His travels ceased when he met his latest birthday-girl. He fell in love, and vowed to stick around to make all her future birthdays as happy as can be.


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