14 Mar

Morning fabric fans! *said in teeny tiny whisper voice*

I have to keep it down this morning as Mr Monster is still sleeping. He’s working awfully hard at the moment for the benefit of our little family and is having a bit of a lie in. I’ve crept out of the comfort of our bed, to come and talk to all of you for a minute or two. I’ve not written for a while as Mr Monster has been needing the laptop, so I thought I would take a few minutes while he’s asleep to come and say hello.

Rest assured dear reader, that monster activity continues apace, and there are several commissions and projects queued up and waiting to be bought into the world.

I had a little mini holiday over the weekend. I hopped on the bus to London to spend some time with a good friend who moved there a year or so ago, and I had the most wonderful couple of days. I often forget the importance of getting away, even if only for twenty-four hours, and have come back revitalised, reinvigorated, and ready for what the rest of the year might bring.

While I was away, we went for a little wander around sunny Crystal Palace park. It was the first T-shirt day of the year and warmed me to my very cockles. In the park they have a mini petting zoo type place. We met this chap and I proceeded to fall in love with him a little bit!

We named him Quentin, and I just adore him, from his floppy fringe down to his tiny, silly little hooves, and especially love his camp little way of walking.

He bought to mind this creation from Michal Wright-Ward. A Brilliant and inspiring artist who I discovered through Stuffed Magazine.

It just goes to show. inspiration can, and SHOULD, come from anywhere and everywhere.

I’m off to do some monstering, See you later!


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