Seams and Stuff…

1 Feb

Ooooo, what a marvellous day for little Miss Monster. I’ve spent a thoroughly wonderful day at Taunton’s Stitch Academy taking my first baby-steps into learning the ins and outs of technical sewing.

Sewing is my world, but as someone who has very much ‘picked things up along the way’, I’m ashamed to say that in many respects I know very little about the right ways to do things. My lesson started with a brief history of the sewing machine and some real back to basics stuff like needle sizes and machine working positions. I went on to cover a few different types of seams, inside and outside curves, and the right way to create gathers. The hours slipped by unnoticed as the veil of ignorance started to fall and I began to understand both my machine and the art of dressmaking that much more.

The one singular most amazing thing I learnt today was about changing the position of the needle. My new machine has 14 different needle positions to help create the perfect seam allowance. Such a simple thing, but one which has already completely changed the way I work and the quality of the seams I can produce.

I can see huge potential for techniques in terms of monster creation, and am excited about the idea of decking myself out in a new wardrobe of homemade creations thanks to my new-found dressmaking skills.

Now….to get started on my homework.


2 Responses to “Seams and Stuff…”

  1. Trixie's Tales February 1, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    Have lots of fun sewing!

    • mistressofmonsters February 1, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

      Thank you! I’m having lots of fun learning to do it properly. x

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